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Don't hunt the Bobcat in NH


The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department has decided by a vote of 5 - 4 to re-establish a bobcat hunting and trapping season after a lengthy study determined that the state's bobcat population could continue to grow with a limited harvest. This decision was made despite widespread public opposition. 

The population had previously been devastated and bobcats have been protected in the state since 1989. Despite this, bobcats are still quite rare (with only an estimated 1400 - 2200 in the entire state) and few people have the opportunity to see one in the wild. 

Bobcat populations self-regulate, so there is no need to hunt or trap them to manage population numbers. Because they are such secretive creatures, they would mostly like be captured by trapping (including the inhumane leg-hold traps), or the equally inhumane method of hunting via packs of hound dogs. 

Bobcats do not normally prey on farm animals, and are actually of value to farmers because the main prey consists of rodents which are a nuisance to farmers. Bobcats do not provide meat and their main value for hunters is in selling their pelts to China where there is a market for them. There are not many hunters in NH compared to the far greater number of wildlife watchers who wish to possibly see or photograph bobcats in their natural habitat. 

The decision to hunt bobcat must be overturned. The Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules has the authority to reverse this decision because it was contrary to public intent. This petition will now also be forwarded to that committee. You can forward your comments to the committee by emailing Cheryl Walsh, administrative assistant for the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR) at ; she will distribute them to committee members. Please note that they will be the most receptive to emails from NH residents. Please remember that the committee did not make the decision to resume the hunt, but they can overturn it, so please be respectful and polite in your communications. 

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