Stop over-development ruining Kingston

Stop over-development ruining Kingston

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Started by Caroline Shah

Kingston Council and the GLA are trying to condemn The Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames to a future of high-density over-development that has been sneaked in behind residents' backs.

Do we want to see Kingston's neighbourhoods become dominated by many more ugly, dense, high-rise towers? Is this the kind of development that is appropriate for the Royal Borough?

We were never asked.

We still have time to act before our neighbourhoods and communities are destroyed before our eyes. Please help us to tell the Mayor of London and the Examiner in Public of the London Plan what has gone on and to save The Royal Borough from a future over which we have had no say.

The GLA is using an unsound document, Kingston Council’s “Direction of Travel”, planned secretly, without appropriate authority, and away from the scrutiny of council committee and residents, as the policy hook to support the designation of vast swathes of the Borough as an "Opportunity Area" in the new London Plan.

We need to expose the undemocratic and surreptitious way in which the Council cooked up these plans so that we can stop them and exercise our democratic right to influence the shape, form and scale that development will take place in all our neighbourhoods.

The GLA and Kingston council’s plans for Kingston to be designated with multiple “Opportunity Areas” are subject to independent Examination in Public for the London Plan in January 2019. We must get public recognition NOW for the fact that the Direction of Travel is unsound before the plans have been agreed.

We cannot rely on Kingston Council or the GLA to act in our interests. We need the people of Kingston, London and beyond to stand up for our democratic rights and say that enough is enough. Please support us before it is too late.

3,049 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!