Save Pu'uloa Beach Park and the Ewa Beach shoreline

Save Pu'uloa Beach Park and the Ewa Beach shoreline

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We the People petition the Ewa Neighborhood Board (23) to formally declare our position that an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is warranted for the planned major shoreline construction project at the Pu’uloa Range Training Facility.


The USMC is planning to bulldoze 4 lead-filled oceanfront berms and erect a steel seawall using an impact pile driver to force sheet piling 20ft down through the ancient reef/bedrock along the shoreline.


-The steel seawall will be 1500-2500 feet in length.

-Project will involve approximately 6 months/8-hour days of impact pile driving operations, possibly longer if length exceeds 1500 feet.

                      ***No EIS was conducted for this project***

-No EIS was conducted for the 9 groins which were constructed to mitigate erosion of the beach at Iroquois Point in 2013.

-No follow-up data on the effects of the Iroquois Point groin project beyond the western boundary of PRTF was referenced in the Pu’uloa shoreline stabilization Environmental Assessment (EA). Therefore, cumulative effects of both projects on the Ewa Beach Shoreline have not been properly evaluated.

-There was not a diligent effort to involve the community in this project.


This is a major shoreline-altering project and an Environmental Impact Statement is in order to more accurately determine negative affects to the quality of human and natural environment.