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Evict Albus Brooks from the Denver City Council

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- Albus Brooks: City Council Member - District 8, Denver, CO.


- Albus Brooks initiated a ban on "urban camping" attacking the homeless, intending to remove ALL of their possessions without a solution.

- Albus Brooks (in conjunction with the mayors office) lies & claims this "urban camping" ban in Denver was not initiated because of the Occupy Wall Street movement, however in the draft of the Denver camping ordinance
the last line of the first paragraph albus states "Also, in the last six months a number of federal district courts around the country have upheld local no-camping ordinances and similar laws in litigation arising out of the Occupy Wall Street movement."

Help yourself:

- Remove Albus Brooks from the Denver City Council.

- Stop political harassment.

- Stop the lies from those in "power".

- Empower yourself and those around you by speaking out against injustice. 

- Remind those in "power" that We The People put them there and can remove them.


1. Sign this petition.

2. Forward to all of your friends & family by way of Email, Facebook, Twitter, any and all social networks, word of mouth, telephone, text message, mail and any other form of communication. 

3. Open lines of discussion within your community about the issues of poverty, homelessness & the illusion of power. 

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