refund for gtx 970

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refund for gtx 970

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Athar Mahmood started this petition to Evga (Evga) and

A Class Action Lawsuit has been confirmed(lets hope all nvidia consumers get actual gtx 970 at said price or upgrade for free)




Letter to European Commission and Federal Trade Commission

Dear  European Commission,
Dear  Federal Trade Commission,

We address you by means of this writing to ask for your help.

About four months ago, Nvidia proudly presented their new innovations in graphical processing: the GTX 970 and GTX 980 GPU. Until today, both cards are officially specified as having the exact same memory composition and bandwidth.

Recently however, Nvidia was forced to step forward and explain to users why they have been seeing odd behaviour of the GTX 970. In this press release, Nvidia admitted that the memory composition of the GTX 970 vastly differs from what they initially announced, leading to limitations that could not be foreseen by the people who bought these cards. After this reveal, a storm of consumer protest arose, which, to this day, Nvidia has chosen to ignore.

Nvidia purposely omitted essential information from their consumers. Information which would not have been revealed if not for users noting unexpected behaviour of the hardware. Now, in the days following the revelation, Nvidia still keeps insisting that this was not misleading omission and continue to refuse consumers their lawful right for a refund.

Allowing Nvidia to continue to treat their consumers this way would open the way for other global businesses to treat their consumers dishonestly and hide vital information. By accepting the current state of this situation, you accept company dishonesty in the future. This would open a gate for more companies hiding vital information regarding their products and falsely advertising said products.

You have issued laws protecting consumers and other businesses against unfair competition, misleading advertising and misleading omission. We ask you now to enforce those laws. We ask you to send out a strong signal towards both businesses and residents that this behaviour will not be tolerated, not now and not in the future.

Nvidia advertised the GTX 970 as having 4GB of vram running at 224GB/S, it was later revealed that the first 3.5GB operates at 192GB/s (7/8th) while the remaining 0.5GB operates at 1/8th that speed.

Also mentioned in the review guide, the GTX 970 was supposed to operate with 64ROPs and 2MB L2 Cache, the actual specs were revealed to be only 52ROPs and 1.78MB L2 Cache.

It was made official by Nvidia that they made a mistake in advertising. Whether or not they lied is irrelevant. Customers were misled by the factually incorrect specs listed on the packaging.

When using GPU-Z, the specs actually reflect this error which still incorrectly reads the card as having 64ROPs, ie. a cover-up.

It is believed that Nvidia should offer it's customers a refund or at the very least acknowledgement and compensation, perhaps in the form of a "step-up" program, so the customer can choose what is best for them.

What Nvidia is doing today with the GTX 970 is illegal. Even today, they keep misrepresenting and selling the GTX 970 to consumers all over the world. The lack of an official reaction would mean that you accept this situation and opens a way to unfair trade in the future. You were created to protect your residents against unfair business practices, we thus ask you to act accordingly.

We believe in you.
And we need your help.


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Pcworld,Gamespot and maximumpc noticed us. Thanks to them for putting links in their posts. Below are their links.






I would advise everyone to complain to the following commissions over world
It will definitely be noticed if thousands of people send in complaints.

United States : Federal Trade Commssion
Europe : European Commission
Australia : ACCC

Just be sure to file under the complaint under computers and hardware.

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This petition had 11,903 supporters

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