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Stop the Meg Griffin abuse!

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What started as a harmless running gag has turned into a violent, mean-hearted, evil hate crime. A young woman who did nothing to anyone and who doesn't deserve the vast amount of hatred that befalls her constantly gets abused, neglected and beaten pretty much every episode. It's gotten to the point of where I actually feel gross, literally sick to my stomach, like I want to puke. That's how bad it's gotten.

Seth MacFarlane and his team of "writers" are committed a heinous hate crime, one that is truly and utterly disgusting, and getting away with it all for the sake of "entertainment" and because it's a "cartoon". But the feelings that underpin through it are real. Teenagers/young adults all across the world watch this and laugh, not knowing they are becoming as shallow and corrupt as the writers and producers of "Family Guy" undoubtedly are.

Help stop this hate crime. Alone I can't do anything, but together we can control how a show views it's "humor" and change it for the betterment of every single person watching the show who's ever felt like the Meg Griffin character, including myself. 

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