Stop the promotion of violence, sexual misconduct, alcohol abuse, & drug use on doit4state

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Instagram has transformed from an innocent platform where you posted your lunch for the day into a social media nightmare full of people trying to outdo one another and sharing far more than necessary, including sexual encounters, drunken nights out and violent exchanges. One particular account that stands out is @doit4state, an account strictly dedicated to the college party lifestyle.

They promote and encourage violence, sexual misconduct, binge drinking to the point of vomiting or even blacking out, self injury competitions, blatant drug use and abuse, and more. I have seen women in the comments asking videos of them to be taken down because they were taken without their knowledge or consent (submitted by a sexual partner without permission) and the page admins will literally tag them just to laugh and tell them to "stop being a little b***h about it." They also post these videos to their Tumblr, which has less strict rules about nudity and pornographic posts so they're less likely to be removed. They are essentially posting revenge porn and asking for more material from strangers simply to build content. This is incredibly damaging to the women involved and the legal ramifications to get it taken down alone are a burden, but to add insult to injury by laughing at them and not taking the post down is inexcusable. They also try to pit women against each other, humiliating women who are not as busty or curvy as they (admins) deem appropriate. They will often post pictures that women confidently submit of themselves hoping to get some attention to themselves or their own page, just to have the DIFS admins post the picture with an embarrassing caption, usually asking their followers to come up with something damning to say about this complete stranger they know nothing about. This almost always turns into a bullying match because, as much as the page promotes anonymity, they actually tag the women they don't consider "baddies" so their followers can harass the submitters. Several people have had to change their user names, go private, and even delete their page entirely due to the threats and harassment they had to deal with because this page exposed and humiliated them and outright asked others to do the same. In addition, they often post videos and pictures depicting active sex acts, an absolute no no on Instagram. And yet... their page is rarely taken down. Any time it is, the page admins bribe IG officials and somehow get it back. Meanwhile, artists, photographers, models, new mothers sharing their baby's first bath, get not only the questionable picture deleted, but also their account. Why can a woman not post herself breastfeeding or bathing her child, but this page can post full of videos of sexual intercourse, and without half the participating party's consent and often times knowledge with no consequences? There is also a new challenge, called getting "banana'd" where you essentially perform fellatio on a banana. Besides being incredibly weird, this page is public. Any impressionable child can see this and want to participate because it is shown on this page as the cool adult thing to do. In addition, because bananas are so soft and people are swallowing them practically whole, many people choke. This page is promoting sex acts on food that make you choke, what kind of message is that spreading? What kind of standards are we holding ourselves to?

And that's just the sex aspect. The alcohol consumption depicted on this account is reckless and concerning. The page admins make new "challenges" like who can drink an entire fifth of alcohol in one chug. One of the more dangerous challenges is shaking a beer can, building carbonation, and smashing it against your head to break it open and drink the contents. I have seen people split their head open, cut their hand, and even break it open on someone else's head and knock them out. They encourage drinking while driving and speeding (we're talking 120+ here). They ask for videos of people hurting themselves while drunk, shooting guns while drunk, and even picking up drunk women. They encourage negative behavior and alcohol- fueled violence in people against themselves and others. All for likes and followers and to sell their t shirts and tickets to their literal orgies. Oh yeah... they set up giant parties that are basically key parties on crack, fueled by alcohol and Xanax and charge people to be their DJ. Shameful.

The drug use is rampant. They usually post videos of people using marijuana, but they also post shrooms, cocaine, "lean," ketamine, prescription pills, and even the injectables. And Instagram does NOTHING. This account has been up for at least a year, and is now at over a million followers. Why has Instagram not held them to the same standards everyone else is held to? Why are they not providing a safe space to view and share like they originally did when the app first launched?

Doit4state posts fights, people stealing, nudity, porn and strippers, vandalism, grand theft auto, Russian roulette, self injury videos, pictures and videos of broken bones, decapitated animals, and drunk women making out with each other and twerking, students sneaking drugs and alcohol into class, people cheating on their significant others, reckless driving, and more.

DIFS idealizes violence, sexual misconduct/borderline rape, alcoholism, drug use, prescription drug fraud, distribution and abuse, DUI's, property harm, disrespect against women and POC, especially POC women, theft, [academic] cheating, identity theft, and harm to animals, and they ask people to submit and share their content, again, just to build their own page and reputation. As a public account with millions of followers, and a user of Instagram, Instagram officials have a responsibility to shut this page down, hold them to the same standards they hold everyone else, and to protect their other users, especially the underage users with access to this public page that frequently shows on the popular page. I personally have reported pictures of full on pornography, audio and video, and I was told it did not violate any rules, even though there was full nudity with close ups of genitals and penetration... Keep in mind we're not on Twitter or Tumblr. This is INSTAGRAM. Nudity and pornography are not allowed so why is this page allowed to post literally hundreds of thong pictures a week and a pornographic video to boot? Why has Instagram taken their page down several times, only to put it back up barely days later and with no repercussions? Every time the page is taken down, there is a collective sigh of relief from everyone not following them. But sure enough, every time, the page is brought back and every time it comes back, the content gets bloodier, the women are in less clothes, the fights are more violent; the admins obviously care less each time because they know instagram is failing at moderating. They know, unfortunately, they will get their page back and start it all back up again, building a bigger fan base than before. 

I am asking that we hold this page accountable for their actions and that we report their page for violence, nudity and sexual misconduct, and the promotion of drugs and firearms. I am asking that we hold Instagram accountable for allowing this appalling content and behavior, on a public page for all to view, and have them remove the page permanently, no exceptions this time. There are other platforms that are for adults only and that allow nudity and the other content being shown on @doit4state. But Instagram is not one of those platforms. Instagram has a responsibility to adhere to their own rules and regulations and to apply them evenly, fairly, and consistently to EVERY user, not to let the "big" accounts get away with whatever they want for fear of losing users. The bigger picture here is the promotion of such negative behavior in their content. There is no reason for this page to exist anymore. Please help me get the page, and the toxic mentality and acts it breeds, deleted forever by signing this petition and reporting the page and individual posts to Instagram officials. As history has shown, this page only gets stronger each time it's shut down *because* Instagram doesn't do its job and allows it and its vile content to return. YOU can help prevent that! Please, help permanently shut down and delete @doit4state, @doitforst8, @difstickets, and @difsfights and do not allow them to return under another name OR their back up/secondary accounts listed above.

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