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Stop all Petitions trying to make us hold another referendum.

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We have made a decision. I find the reaction of those "remainers" very disappointing and frankly insulting.. Democracy has won the day .. Take it on the chin and respect the majority decision. . To label more than half of the country as bigots racists knuckle daggers is shameful. Those who voted out are most likely your friends..relatives..and colleagues. .respect their decision and look to the future and prove to the world GREAT BRITAIN has what it takes to stand on our own two feet !!!!

True democracy does not work on the basis of repeated re-voting until the "right" result is achieved. There was a referendum. It took place on Thursday. Everyone had their chance to express their views by voting accordingly. Whether or not the final decision is one we support as individuals, the fair, reasonable and democratic response is to acknowledge the result as being what the majority voted for, and work as a united country to achieve the best possible outcome for this country and all its people - not to waste time moaning that the result is not the one some people wanted; not to waste energy on pointless in-fighting that distracts from what we need to focus on; and not to waste the opportunity to shape a new Britain that works for everyone. Brexit is not a vote to turn our backs on Europe or on Europeans; it is a vote to turn our backs on the political behemoth that the EU has become. We still want to have a strong relationship with our European comrades, we still want to trade actively with them; but we want to do so from within a political framework which is controlled by ourselves, not controlled remotely by those whose focus may not be on what is best for Britain.

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