Should Alberta hold a referendum on leaving confederated canada

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100 000 signatures need to be collected in order to force a referendum let's give them 1 million angry Alberta signatures I'll drive them to Ottawa . This needs to be done with a simple question like: Should Alberta leave confederated Canada. Yes or NO
We are not in line with the direction of this country, we contribute the largest sum of money to the Canadian equilization program by a long shot. Ontario has 3 times Alberta's population and doesnt even come close to the contribution of Alberta. We send roughly 51 billion dollars to Ottawa annually, without a penny in return. We are not treated even remotely equal within this confederation. The money Alberta contributes to this country, helps build the roads, hospitals and major infrastructure. Alberta has the youngest, the most educated and the highest skilled workers in the country. We cannot support 22 million of Canada's aging population with a mere 4 million. We are taxed into disparity. With a country that wants so much and gives so little in return and then blocks the very industries in which we make our money, how can we continue like this?? This has to break.
The Northwest Territories was carved up in 1905 by a liberal government under Wilfred Laurier in fear that it may become a political oppressor to the east someday. Alberta and Saskatchewan were born. Since then, we've always given and contributed as we have been eager to be treated equal in a once great nation. Canada has become multiple provinces that are just claiming "what's in it for me" .The prairies are just a piggy bank for the rest. Let's face it, we're all merely a group a colonies that after 150 years of confederation, still haven't figured out interprovincial free trade which was one of the main goals. The map forward is laid out. We are the richest province in this country, we have abundant natural resources. We will have an economy far superior to Canada's, with a dollar much stronger. We ARE the best in the world in regards to environmental standards with our resource development. Can we do better? Absolutely. But to sit here and and have everyone demonize Alberta and act as though we aren’t striving towards more is completely false and honestly laughable. We have led the world in advancements with carbon capture initiatives, SAGD, land reclamation etc. Unfortunately, people don't want to talk about these things and Alberta is painted as the enemy.
Thank you Canada, it's been a pleasure. With another elected liberal government backed by 3 other parties all of whom are promising to end Alberta's energy sector (remember the foreign funded campaign to landlock Alberta oil). The choice and path forward is clear. It's time to separate so that our children and grandchildren have a chance at a good life. The life we are being stripped of.

The prairie fire is lit.

I'm so proud of this province. I'm so proud of our people - they are both beautiful. It takes special people to recover from such large natural disasters and economic downturn and government caused recession without recovery.

They are beating us while down but we wont stay down. ALBERTA STRONG AND ALBERTA FREE.

We deserve so much better then this 

Under the clarity act every province must separate on its own this is for the people of Alberta 
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