Remove ban from my Facebook/Instagram account

Remove ban from my Facebook/Instagram account

April 2, 2020
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Started by ola akinmowo

My name is Ola Ronke, my project is The Free Black Women’s Library, it’s a literary social art project that centers and celebrates Black women writers.

With zero warning or explanation Facebook has disabled my account because they said I violated their community standards, and as a result I no longer have access to my FB community page or my Instagram account.

I am a single mother and this work is my ONLY source of income. I have not violated any standards. I post about books and the lives of Black women, I  never use hate speech or promote violence. I share Black Women’s poems, stories, history and culture.
That is all!!

i have been building this platform for 5 years. 

I am asking Facebook reactivate my page at once. I am in dire need of help and support with this!!  as a result of coronavirus all my gigs and work have been cancelled, so this is my only way of making money.
I put lots of love, thought, time, reading and research into the content I create for social media and I think deeply about everything I share.

I use the platform to inspire, connect and engage. Please support my effort in getting back online. Thank you!!

PS There is no need to donate to this site, the money that is being asked for goes towards promoting the petition and is not needed. Thank you. 


This petition made change with 3,648 supporters!

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