Put Roseanne Barr back on the air

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Roseanne Barr has been on the air since I was a kid and to boot her off because she made a tweet over her opinion in Obama' staff was wrong everyone has their right to their own opinion that is why we have a freedom of speech or so we did have but she apologized for it afterwards but you know what everyone seems to have their own opinion and when she or Donald Trump share theirs it's like they are the enemy but guess what they are people too who have a voice and should be able to use it without having to lose their job or livelihood from an opinion so please consider that this is wrong to boot her off because she had an opinion and chose to express it if you don't put her back on the air your taking her freedom of speech and destroying her job because of it. Please take this into consideration and put her back on the air she has tons of fans that love her show