Justice for Indonesian LGBTQ community

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Two newlyweds face 6 years in prison due to the fact that one of the two women faked their gender identity, which goes against marital laws in Indonesia. 

Meanwhile, another marital law breaker who tried to marry another woman behind his wife's back (without his wife's permission) only got 8 months of imprisonment. 

This points to the obvious sexuality discrimination—followed by the stigma and stereotypes that are common in our country’s society—that the LGBTQ+ community face in Indonesia, especially in the court room and in the field of law. This common view of theirs can also be known as the right-wing spectrum which holds conservative perspectives in the political sector. This could be fatal to the lives of the innocent said community, in which their blood could metaphorically be on the hands of the conservatives.

This petition will help attract the attention of the judges who are involved in this case. Although we can't get the two women (whose names we don't know of yet) off the penalty, it would help to give them a fair trial and a fair sentence, reducing it to five years.