Japanese for grade 10 at smc

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For three years, many students at SMC have put forward copious amounts of initiative to learn Japanese as a second language. These students value their learning, and exhilarate in this subject. They study hard to ensure they reach their goal of understanding the language and culture at a native level. These students have the ability to become fluent by the end of their schooling, but as the school has taken their option to LEARN (something the school prides themselves on) and destroyed any possible opportunities to incorporate Japanese into their future lives and occupations. The students are devastated to hear the news that they are no longer able to continue something they are extrordinarily passionate about and be able to use it to their advantage to fuel further traveling and occupations they want to be in, as there are copious amounts of jobs available for students future (shown on the bullseye chart.)

Now that you have heard the students stories, please help us in their attempt to enhance their learning.