James Gunn to be rehired by Marvel

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Announced on 7/20/2018, director James Gunn was fired from his job at Disney. He will no longer be working on any of the Marvel films and won't direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3. This is simply unacceptable James Gunn said some pretty horrible stuff on Twitter in 2010. Maybe an apology isn't good enough for some people but he has apologized multiple times and shouldn't be punished for something he said over eight years ago. The problem i see is that James had said those things before he was hired by Disney and only now has it become a problem. If Disney were truly bothered by what James said they would have never have hired him in the first place and therefore you can only assume the actions made by Disney were only reactionary to potential problems that would arise due to a recent article that brought these tweets back up. There are true monsters in the world of film. Some have already been taken down. James Gunn is not one of those monsters and doesn't deserve to be treated as such. We need to stop wasting our time prosecuting the innocent and actually focus our efforts in fighting the true evil.