Right of Self-Determination in Jammu and Kashmir

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My mother was from the land of Jammu and Kashmir which is awaiting right of self-determination. 

The UN resolutions state that the people of the area have the right to choose their future accordingly. Pakistan and the Kashmiri people agree to the plebiscite. It is time the Indian government agree to this so that the plebiscite happens. Until the Indian government moves to agree to the plebiscite, nothing can happen as India would invade Azad Kashmir if Pakistan were to vacate it. 

Signing this will ensure pressure on the Indian government to agree to the plebiscite. That would allow the plebiscite to take place under UN supervision. The Indian government has killed over 100,000 Kashmiris mainly in Kashmir valley since 1989. It has enforced the Armed Forces Special Power Act and Public Safety Acts and has buried Kashmiris in mass graves. This has resulted in women living as half-widows because they aren’t sure if their husbands are dead. They have used rape as a tool to control the Kashmiri people. That too with the Indian backed military and police killing and blinding Kashmiri children...has resulted in a continuing genocide of the Kashmiri people. For further reading, read about Tufail Mattoo, Wamiq Farooq, Asiya Jan, Neelofar Jan and Insha Mushtaq from Kashmir valley and Asifa from Kathua.

Please sign this to show you care for humanity. Put pressure on the Indian government so that the Kashmiri people can decide their future much as the people of Scotland, South Sudan, East Timor and Falkland Islands did.