Become a Guardian of Microbial Diversity

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Microbes (organisms too small to see without a microscope) play critical roles in every ecosystem on the planet.  Unfortunately, many human activities are unnecessarily damaging or destroying microbes and their communities.  While some attempts to control microbes are necessary (e.g., in limiting certain infectious diseases), there is a growing appreciation of negative consequences due to purposeful or accidental damage to microbes.  For example, antibiotic usage, though lifesaving in some situations, also can lead to the spread of antibiotic resistant infections and the disruption of the microbial communities that live in an on humans, other animals and plants. 

Overall, microbial diversity on the planet is being challenged by many human activities including: misuse of antibiotics; the rise in the use of antimicrobials in all sorts of products; pollution; climate change; changing agricultural practices, and more.  

Due to the importance of microbes and microbial diversity to the planet, and due the risks that may come from a reduction in this diversity, we are calling here for people to take a pledge to become "A Guardian of Microbial Diversity"  By taking this pledge you state that you will make efforts to consider the effects of your actions on microbes and their diversity.  In addition, you pledge here to support efforts to limit and prevent unnecessary damage to the diversity of microbes on the planet.