Save Beardy's Blackhawks Hockey Team

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The Beardy's Blackhawks are a Midget AAA hockey team located on a First Nation community Northeast of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  This team has been in existence for 25 years and at the end of this year will be no longer.  It was decided by the Saskatchewan Hockey Association that this team would be taken away and 2 new teams created. One in Warman, Saskatchewan and the other in Estevan, Saskatchewan.  The league currently sits with 12 teams and in cutting 2 there was room for these 2 to be added.  Warman is in very close proximity to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan which has two teams in this league, the Saskatoon Contacts and Saskatoon Blazers as well with Prince Albert having a team the Prince Albert Mintos in this league.  If there is room for Warman in this area then there is a definite need for teams. Warman is approx. 60 kms from Beardy's. There were more applications for teams this year so the league could definitely have 14 teams if they feel they needed to add more.  

What many people may not understand is Beardy's was not just a hockey team. It was a place where many many young men got a chance to play the game that may not of elsewhere.  I do not have a son that plays there so I have no vested interest in this. My interest is giving young people a safe place and building the future for young people. I  have witnessed the character of the people associated with this organization and you will not find better people.  Each and every day their goal is to help shape a young person into someone who has something to look forward to and live a positive lifestyle.  Countless hours are put in by everyone involved and their greatest return is to see the resilience and strength of these young people and to see them be able to be part of something that would not be possible otherwise for them.  These boys don't have the means to pick up and move far away to play the game of hockey. This is what they have and they are proud of it. Win, lose or draw I have not met one of these boys who is not just thankful for the opportunity.  They are good kids looking for a chance!  

I'm furthermore dissapointed by the lack of thought of reconciliation in 2020 that has been shown by SHA.  This league is about developing young men and giving them an opportunity, and everyone deserves an opportunity.   It is stated Mr. Kelly McClintock, SHA general manager will have a statement Wednesday afternoon. Please share and sign this petition to show Mr. McClintock and SHA that once again they have made a horrible decision for not only hockey but young people in our province and that the Beardy's Blackhawks Midget AAA hockey team be reinstated in the Saskatchewan AAA Midget Hockey League. Please show all the young men and everyone involved in this organization that they are supported in our province. 

Dale, Mel, all the coaches, Trainers, Bus Drivers, everyone and most of all the boys we are behind you!!!!