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Force companies to label for animal testing.

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Although most people cannot prevent scientist from testing on animals in laboratories, each one of us can do our part by starting a movement on If we all came together to cause a change in the way we view our household products, consumers could significantly reduce the amount of products we buy from companies who test on animals. By starting a campaign to have labels indicating if the product is tested on animals on every single product that we by, we would instantly cause a national change and create awareness to everyone. Just as we have our calorie amounts on the foods we buy now, we could do the same with animal tested products. This way, when consumers are shopping for certain toothbrushes or clothing items they can make the conscience choice to support or abolish the testing on innocent animals. Not only would this cause the consumer from all ages to become aware of their favorite products, but also it would allow choices to be made much easier than they are today. If a consumer wishes to know what products to be tested they would have to go to an online website that provides a list of what products are tested on animals. Providing easy to identify and read labels creates an easier way to inform people in every community. Starting such a change now would speed the changes of saving millions of animal lives and would reveal what companies test on animals. This social change can be easily done by the power of voices to be heard from everyone no matter the age, race, or sex. Through the voice of the people we can all start a global change that would change testing procedures and testing done to animals.

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