Eilish is pronounced Eyelish

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Billie Eilish, American singer, and global wide phenomenon, has threatened to quit her music career if her stage name gets pronounced wrong 1 more time.

In multiple interviews her name has been said, Eh-lish, when it is in fact supposed to sound like, Eye-lish. I myself made an account on Instagram to spread awareness for this vital issue (@itseyelishnotehlish follow me plug plug plug), but I feel like I'm not achieving what would need to be achieved for Eilish's pronunciation to be common knowledge.

From signing this petition, and sharing it, I am hoping that the entire of the Earth will gain the awareness of the correct pronunciation for this uncommon name, so that the millions of fans from around the world, who are inspired by Billie's music and idolize her, will be able to live without the risk of Billie quitting making music.

If you care, I'm begging you, please sign and share this petition, so that Billie will continue to make music. 

We love our avocado queen.

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