Dino McNuggets at McDonald’s

Dino McNuggets at McDonald’s

December 2, 2020
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Started by Dashing Hiccups

Hello, my fellow Dino nugget lovers,



We are here today to make Dino McNuggets happen! I think everyone can agree that Dino nuggets are superior to basic nuggets. Not only do they provide a great meal, But they are also a toy! You can take your T-Rex Dino nugget and harass the other Dino nuggets! 

  • Who doesn’t want the best fast food nuggets to be shaped like dinosaurs! 
  • Want a little spice in your life? Why not try the spicy Dino McNuggets! 
  • Who has kids that love McNuggets from McDonald’s? Who has kids that’s love dinosaurs? Why not combine them! 


This would be a great addition to the McDonald’s menu. They could even make some dinosaur toys to go along with the Dino McNuggets. Not only is this a great option for the kids! But I know a lot of adults also love Dino nuggets. It brings them back to being a kid again and in the year 2020 who doesn’t want to be a kid again with no worries!


Now to get the attention of McDonald’s executives, think about how much money this could bring to the company! You could even do a whole Dino themed launch. Maybe even team up with Jurassic park again! I know that I would run to McDonald’s immediately and order some Dino McNuggets! I think that this addition to your menu would put you on top of all of your competitors. No other restaurant has Dino Nuggets, it would be iconic if it was a Dino chicken nugget meal was add with the two letters Mc. You could be the first! 


Now I’m asking for everyone’s signature to make this happen and bring this idea to McDonald’s executives. 


We can’t complete this mission without the help of all of you! Can you please help me make this dream come true and sign this petition thanks you so much!


PS, I’ve tweeted McDonald’s too! Give it a retweet and a like! It’s pinned on my page: @DashingHiccups can you help me get the attention of McDonald’s! Please tweet them on our behalf using the hashtag #DinoMcnuggets


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Signatures: 1,578Next Goal: 2,500
Support now

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