Dangers of social media

Dangers of social media

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Some people are not aware of online safety and sometimes exclude it well a lot can happen on social media like being hacked being cyberbullied and sometimes being catfish.

  Hacking is not easy, Hacking is difficult and usually takes planning and a fair amount of time. Stopping malicious hackers might be challenging. Some people dedicate a lot of energy just to do that. Hacking is when an unauthorised person gets into a computer system. A hacker breaks in and suddenly they have information that they aren’t supposed to have. You might hear from people that their twitter and Facebook and Instagram was hacked but that is not what we are exactly talking about. When people say that their account have been hacked it’s not actually being hacked, It’s just the hacker have found out their account password. It might be devastating but it’s not on the same level as breaking into a company and steal a billion passwords.

Well there’s three types of hackers

Black hats

Grey hats

White hats

So black hat hacker black hat hackers usually have extensive knowledge about breaking into computer networks and bypassing security protocols. They are also responsible for writing malware, which is a method used to gain access and break in to these systems. To experienced hackers that aim to steal data, specifically financial information, and personal information and login credentials. Not only do black hat hackers seek to steal data, they also destroy data as well.

You might be wondering how the hack and these are the steps they use to hack in to systems.

People not being aware of online safety and what could happen.

1.                 The hackers find the vulnerabilities of the system.

2.                 They take advantage of the vulnerabilities.

3.                 They use the ‘hacker tools’ to hack or break in to the system.

4.                 If the system they hacked is connected to the same network as other people like in schools they could take the advantage and it will be easy for the hackers to hack in to the other systems# the whole school system and do damage to it.

5.                 They download a program to your system so they can control and see what’s in your system and do damage to it.

6.                 There’s a thing called anti-virus to scan your device system and see if it’s been hacked or does it has any virus or bad programs or apps in it.


Grey hat hackers, the grey hat hackers are people who are in between the white hats and the black hats. It’s like they are not good or bad. They don’t do things that are as bad as the black hats, but most of them don’t work for anyone either. They kind of get on and do nothing. But even if they don’t do such bad things they also do illegal things like black hat hackers


White hat hacker are the total opposite of black

They use their hacking ability for good and they ask for permission of the owner of the system to hack in to systems which is completely legal and when they get into the system the find the security hole and see if it’s secured.




Cyberbully is when people bully you on the internet or social media

And sometimes it can cause big problem like suiciding one of the worst.

People bullies because they might

·         Feel jealous

·         Want others to like them

·         Want to feel better about themselves

·         Want to fit in with their friends

·         Feel angry inside

·         Like to be in control or have power over others

·         Have been bullied themselves

·         Not know what they're doing is wrong

·         Think their better than everyone

·         They think they are safe because you can’t see them


 The way you can prevent it is to

1.     when you get cyberbullied or judged just ignore it but if it’s really bad and it really hurt you go to an adult and tell them what happened

2.      think before you post something

3.      don’t think too deep about what other people say to you and stay strong 

4.      report them, block them end all contact

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