Ask brands to boycott Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Ask brands to boycott Jeffree Star Cosmetics

30 June 2020
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Started by Alex Seabrook

Hi everyone,

You may be aware already but I’d just like to raise an issue with you about JSC that I thought was important to address.

Jeffree Star is known to have an extensive past with racism and using racial slurs. He’s also been accused of sexual assault and a video has been posted of him openly admitting to having sexual activity with an intoxicated man AND going on to film a video where he humiliates and degrades him. He has called Jackie Aina, a black woman, a ‘gorilla’ and a ‘rat’.

He also has links with Dahvie Vanity from Blood On The Dance Floor, who is a known child predator. Finally he had a brand called Lipstick Nazi before his own brand where he promoted Nazi ideology and used self harm as a way of advertising his brand. I could list a lot of other controversies he’s been involved in but I will only name so many so this isn’t too long.

It is honestly disheartening and disappointing to see brands such as Beauty Bay, Morphe and Beautylish still promote and sell his products even after everything that has come out about him.

Recently Shane Dawson’s racist past has also been uncovered all over social media - including his use of blackface, dressing up as offensive stereotypes for Asian, black and Mexican people for videos, his use of racial slurs and his disturbing sexualisation of children and animals. As an example, he openly mocked the killing of Trayvon Martin on video, who was racially profiled and murdered in Sanford, Florida by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman received no charges. He has also made transphobic comments in his videos.

I do not find any of this acceptable and I’m sure you would agree that this is abhorrent behaviour that is not welcome in 2020. No matter when these events took place, we cannot sweep this under the rug and think it’s normal. We should not be giving people like this a platform or a place to make more profit. We cannot be complicit in this. We need to do the right thing. It’s not okay to let younger people think that being racist is fine.

This has nothing to do with ‘cancel culture’ or trying to spoil the fun for Jeffree Star’s fans but about standing up for what is right and moral. I have no hate for anyone but I will speak up on things I’m passionate about and I will speak up against serious issues such as racism and sexual assault.

It should be way more important that we do not support and enable racist people versus a demand for his products, just because people like his makeup.

We can do better than this and support better brands and artists. Both Star and Dawson made these mistakes when they were adults, not children. We must hold them accountable for their actions. I’d like to point out that Morphe has already discontinued Dawson and Star’s collaboration online, and I would encourage other brands to do the same.

If you’d like to see companies doing better and boycott Jeffree Star Cosmetics, please sign and share this petition. It’s free and only takes a minute. Remember to check your email to confirm your signature.

Thank you for your time and for reading.

Kind Regards


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Signatures: 160Next Goal: 200
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