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Hi! My name is Ruby Choy. 

As most of you know my Mother Tania Choy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the ripe age of 44, mid 2007. My Mothers battle with Breast Cancer has not been linear and unfortunately she is still battling to this day, with Tanias clinical diagnosis being "Metastatic Breast Cancer undergoing Palliative chemotherapy treatment" as of 2018. Alongside this diagnosis, my Mothers oncologist Kerry Vaughan issued a prognosis suggesting Tania may only have two years left to enjoy spending time with her family and thus she must make the correct moves that are suitable for her, so that she can "live her best life" which entailed resigning from running multiple businesses after 18 years of doing so. From there, Tania and myself volunteered at a Health and Wellness, Meditation retreat in Sydney for a month which kickstarted her latest holistic healing journey. This year has been extremely testing on Tania, with multiple hospital visits, a collapsed lung, lung drain, infections, blood transfusions and several chemo treatments which have resulted in long-term side effects such as rashes and more. Not to mention the unforeseen circumstances that come alongside COVID. 
We are now nearly 2.5 years since the "Palliative" diagnosis and 2 year prognosis. We have received news this year that Tania, with the help of her Medical Professionals and other healing modalities, has predominantly healed her cancer, with only one stable tumour left in her sternum, which is remarkable and we are so proud of the constant effort she is making to better her own health. However it is important to note that with a Palliative diagnosis her condition can deteriorate at any given time.
Tania has been separated from her entire family and support system due to the current pandemic the entire globe is suffering through. Thankfully she has had her husband Gary (my Dad) by her side the whole way to assist and support her. However as many of us can understand, that is not enough. Tania deserves to hold the right to travel freely to see her support system whenever she desires given her circumstances, or at the very least, have Ruby (myself, Tanias daughter) be able to cross the border with ease, to see her Mum.
This is not the case. I have spent hours conversing with the COVID hotline staff, police officials and more, about the process of crossing the border, as I am currently residing in NSW and have been in lockdown for 3 months and counting. To cross the border and reside in QLD, I have been told I will have to be accepted to even enter the state, apply and be accepted for a house before leaving so I have an official address, then fly from NSW to QLD, quarantine for 2 weeks at my own expense, pay to have all of my belongings including my car freighted to QLD, then after that go through the regular duties of changing state eg, change license, car rego etc. all whilst being out of work due to the current lockdown. Even crossing the border for a visit, I must apply, get accepted, quarantine for 2 weeks on arrival, then also quarantine for 2 weeks on departure.

Overall the process will cost on average $10k which is extremely ludicrous and unachievable for an unemployed 20 yr old. For this I will be creating a Go Fund Me account which you can donate to, which will help me cover the cost of this extremely lengthy process. Once the desired goal has been hit, any extra profits that have been made will be donated to Tania to assist in her chemo treatments and other medical practices.

Please note that if any sudden changes occur to the current restrictions, cost of travel subsides, borders open, then all money donated to the Go Fund Me will be donated directly to Tania for the sole purpose of funding any future treatments.

My goal is to get at least 25,000 signatures on this petition to help myself and others like me, minimise the extent and cost we have to go through in order to see our sick parents and or children. 


If this story hits home, or even sparks any emotion, I beg you to please sign the petition, share with you friends and family and help me achieve my current goal. All signatures help.


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Thank you, stay strong and safe!

All my love,


Ruby Choy.

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