Drop Riley J. Dennis from your team of contributors

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Drop Riley J. Dennis from your team of contributors

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Riley J. Dennis is an 'intersectional feminist' hired and featured by everydayfeminism to make videos about commonly known social justice issues. One of the issues Riley touches on most, however, is that of 'discriminatory' dating preferences. In a new video, Riley argues that 'genital preferences' are transphobic and that people with said 'genital preferences' should be considering the societal influence upon them. What Riley doesn't consider, however, is how sexuality works. People who aren't bisexual have genital preferences. This is just called being gay or straight. It's not transphobic or 'cissexist' to not want to date someone you feel no attraction to. It's also extremely dangerous that Riley uses the everydayfeminism platform this way; they are guilt tripping the users of this website (mostly lesbian and gay youth) into uncomfortable sexual and romantic situations. Riley's approach to 'intersectionality' resembles Mike Pence's homophobic ideology, masked with a liberal and 'ethical' label. 

We, the 'exclusionary' and 'discriminatory' homosexuals and heterosexuals, want to see homophobic and rapist rhetoric such as this removed from the everydayfeminism platform. We want people like Riley to consider that our preferences (read: sexualities) are innate and not up for challenge. We want Riley J. Dennis dropped from the everydayfeminism team.

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