Every School Going Child Deserves Basic Facilities

Every School Going Child Deserves Basic Facilities

1 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Zoha Javed

The Story of Bilal and Zain

Bilal and Zain are students at Baithak School situated in a slum area called Mehrabadi, located in Islamabad. Baithak School Network provides free education to underprivileged children in underserved areas/slums. Bilal and Zain are among thousands of kids who benefit from their nationwide network.

Bilal is a student in fourth grade who frequently secures the first position in his class. Whereas Little Zain belongs to second grade with always has intelligent things to say. Bilal wants to become a doctor one day while Zain dreams of becoming a courageous soldier.

Bilal and Zain are not the only kids to envision such dreams. There are millions of kids in Pakistan’s underserved areas whose eyes twinkle with the same shine for a better future. Most of the schools in underserved areas face a shortage of basic facilities like furniture, stationery, books, and proper electricity. It is high time to play our part in realizing their little dreams!

Our Part in Ensuring a Better Future

So, IMARAT Group, as a leading real estate group set out to innovate its social responsibility efforts to help these tiny hands write meticulously. The answer was clear. We should redirect some portion of the construction material used at our construction sites towards the rehabilitation of underprivileged schools.

Hence, a day came when we knocked on the gates of Baithak School with armchairs made out of excess wood in our hands. We stationed the chairs around which the children excitedly gathered. We set up a table with paints, chart papers, and wood pieces. We painted the small faces with bright colours of yellow, red, and blue.


And hence, TameerSeTaleem arose to set a new precedent in real estate - that while we build tall fancy buildings, we can also help elevate little dreams. Instead of dumping construction leftover material into a landfill, we can reuse them to fill in the lack of resources in underprivileged schools by donating furniture, mending decay, or building playgrounds. With sustainable solutions, we can help lay down a stronger foundation for this nation’s future!

National Construction Waste Management Policy

Hence, IMARAT Group, together with Baithak School Network, is raising this petition to request the Government of Pakistan to advocate for the formulation and implementation of a construction policy section that can be integrated into national waste management or environmental policy;

  1. Necessitates all construction companies to provide building, structural, or facilitative support to underserved schools in the vicinity of their construction sites.
  2. Formalizes the reuse of excess construction material and waste present at countrywide construction sites.
  3. Formalizes a proper framework for monitoring construction waste disposal.
  4. Sets up donation centres to collect excess construction material and reusable waste from the construction industry.
  5. Sets up recycling workshops near underserved communities to convert the donated materials into useful products for schools and as a result, also provide employment opportunities for the populace.
  6. Promotes partnerships with key stakeholders, NGOs, IGOs, and private entities to promote this initiative across Pakistan and the world. 

Few Clicks - Infinite Futures!

On behalf of Bilal and Zain, we appeal to you to sign this petition for a change that can define countless futures for underprivileged children. It might be a few clicks for you but out there, it is a chair for a kid studying on a cold floor, it is a better structure for a neglected school, and it is a better environment for a student's learning. The possibilities are endless.

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Signatures: 1,073Next Goal: 1,500
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