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Make Aldi put child straps on their trollies!

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Aldi have marketed themselves as a family friendly supermarket. Unfortunately this isn't always the truth!! Their shopping trollies are a danger to children! They do not have any form of restraint for children on their seats. This is major accident waiting to happen. Children can easily stand up on the seat of the trolley within seconds and fall, causing a major trauma. I'm asking for this problem to be rectified. Child lap strap / restraint are required. Not only are child restraints a problem but the lack of a brake also. There is no foot brake, meaning that when your shopping trolley is full it cannot be easily positioned next to the car for unloading, it easily goes into motion which can cause damage to property, people and cars! Goodness knows what would happen if a person turned their back momentarily to open the boot of their car with an unrestrained child in the trolley that has drifted away. Nightmare waiting to happen in the blink of an eye. Please can everyone sign this petition to get the adequate safety measures met!

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