Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India

Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India

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This is a verbatim copy of the open letter sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by 49 concerned eminent citizens. 

23 July 2019

Shri Narendra Damodar Modi,
Honorable Prime Minister of India

Dear Prime Minister,

We, as peace loving and proud Indians, are deeply concerned about a number of tragic events that have been happening in recent times in our beloved country.

Our constitution describes India as a secular, socialist democratic republic, where citizens of all religions, ethnicities, gender and castes are equal. Hence, to ensure that every citizen enjoys the rights given to her him by the constitution, our submission is:

1. The lynching of Muslims, Dalits and other minorities must be stopped immediately. We were shocked to learn from the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) reports that there have been no less than 840 instances of atrocities against Dalits in the year 2016, and a definite decline in the percentage of convictions.

Further, 254 religious identity-based hate crimes were reported between Januray 1, 2009 and October 29, 2018 where at least 91 persons were killed, and 479 were injured ( database October 30, 2018). The Citizen's Religious Hate Crime watch recorded that Muslims (14% of India's population) were the victims in 62% of cases, and Christians (2% of India's population) in 14 % of the cases. About 90% of these attacks were reported after May 2014, when your government assumed power nationally.

You have criticized such lynchings in Parliament Mr. Prime Minister, but that is not enough! What actions have actually been taken against the perpetrators? We strongly feel that such offences should be declared non-bailable and that exemplary punishment should be meted out swiftly and surely. If life imprisonment without parole can be the sentence in case of murder, why not for lynchings, which are even more heinous? No citizen should have to live in fear in his/her own country!

Regrettably, "Jai Shri Ram" has become a provocative war cry today that leads to law and order problems, and many lynchings take place in its name.It is shocking that so much violence should be perpetrated in the name of religion! These are not the Middle Ages! The name of Ram is sacred to many in the majority community of India. As the highest executive of this country, you must put a stop to the name of Ram being defiled in this manner.

2. There is no democracy without dissent. People should not be branded 'anti-national' or 'urban-naxal' and incarcerated because of dissent against the government. Article 19 of the constitution of India protects freedom of speech and expression of which dissent is an integral part.

Criticizing the ruling party does not imply criticizing the nation. No ruling party is synonymous with the country. Hence anti-government stance cannot be equated with anti-national sentiments. An open environment where dissent is not crushed, only makes a stronger nation.

We hope our suggestion will be taken in the spirit that they are meant - as Indians genuinely concerned with and anxious about the fate of the nation.

With best regards.
Yours Sincerely


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