Humanity warns you...! Wake up America!!

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I feel totally responsible for the unstable situation of youngsters... As an Indian parent, a human being, I feel responsible.. Do you?

Yet another mass shooting, 17 killed at high school in Parkland, Florida. My Heart goes to the kids who lost their life for none of their mistake, for the parents who would wake up without their loved one the next day, for the kids who are yet in shock, ..
Now ,Whom to blame? Aren't we responsible for any of such happenings?
Most of the answers here would be 'NO'.. It's not my country, but we are all still humans, so we are responsible to answer.. is there anyone here who takes up the responsibility?
Or is it only me who still thinks like a stupid(according to the world), whenever I hear such heart wrenching incidents, that I'm in someway responsible, and something must be done to save our kids .

Reason for such tragedy:
The gun laws in America is one of the reason for these kind of horrific crimes. There are 102 guns for every 100 people in the USA. In India the ratio is less than a fraction of 1. Also military grade weapons are permitted to be sold to civilians. The rifle used in this shooting was an AR15. Even the Indian army doesn’t use such weapons. Most of the times the prime suspect is said to be mentally disturbed or not of a sound mind. Bureaucrats keep arguing about the gun laws and as they do that hundreds of lives are lost on the other side. It’s really saddening and horrifying to see school being massacred like this. This is not the first time too; more than 2000 people have lost their lives in the past five years due to mass shootings in the US. There is something fundamentally wrong in the system.

Let's say weapon accessibility is one of the reason. But i can see the lack of proper parenting , love and support as one of the primary reason... I mean when does a human forgets a fellow human life's value..? One should have been fed up with this careless and cruel society to take up this extreme decision. In this digital world we know what our best friend does across borders but not a clue about our fellow humans in our neighbourhood... If someone is in depression or unstable mind , in today's scenario there is no place of cure for such situation or there is very less awareness about the same.. 1 in every 10 kids grows up to be an abuser! Nobody cares about it... And that hurts me a lot. Irrespective of the location i am residing now, i feel completely responsible for this tragedy and i want to do my part to change it.

Now who and willing to step up?? We will discuss more on  this topic... But I wanted to see how many humans still believe in humanity, please do sign this  petition and join the movement... Well this petition is addressing the humanity that lives in every Human being's heart...

Wake up and Stay Safe America!

With care
Vaishnavee Balaji