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Blokes Advice.

Controversial facebook group Blokes Advice, a men's not for profit mental health and depression group, is yet again under fire from feminist elitists after screen shots of posts from other groups, and falsified propaganda often by the feminists own hands has been leaked into the public eye by well known "man hating" members of the media.

The group known as Blokes Advice have been battling against the oppression from these man bashing, male suicide promoting misandrist members of the media for over 12 months now, Blokes Advice is simply hated by these people and their followers because it's a male only environment, all the while they do absolutely nothing in regards to the female groups who actively encourage physical and mental abuse against men, and infact support them.

The Agendas that form the base of Blokes Advice are male suicide and depression, equality in the child custody and family law, the treatment of anxieties and other social disorders in men specifically, Blokes Advice targets and supports men from all back grounds, any ethnicity, any sexual preference and any religious beliefs, Blokes Advice is here to build a better and fair future for all humans alike by targeting issues wich are heavily swayed and causing this rift between the sexes.


Blokes Advice does not and never will condone Rape, violence towards women OR men, drug use, or any other illegal activities, the group is simply run by men, for men, and with a run sheet of male lives saved by Blokes Advice longer than your arm, you can bet we will not give up this fight, too many of our brothers, fathers, sons and mates have been lost to depression causing suicide, and its time to make a CHANGE!


This petition is simply a show of hands to leave us alone, to let us heal our wounded brothers in peace, TO STOP YOU FROM STEERING OUR BROTHERS TO SUICIDE!!!!!!


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