Stop World War III from rooting

Stop World War III from rooting

6 March 2022
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Every citizen in the world
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Why this petition matters

Started by JD Lovrenciear

Only humans can stop a war. As humans we have a sacrosanct and imperative duty and power to save our planet from a World War III which if it breaks out will have devastating, long lasting effects on all forms of life as nuclear arms will be unleashed by warring nations through their leaders. 

I invite every citizen in the world to sign this petition. Let the millions (if not billions) of our voices rock the souls of world leaders - East to West, North to South.

Let this global petition force all leaders to halt all aggression; cease all punitive sanctions; war mongering; peddling hate through media powers.

Let leaders know that their citizens will not accept any justifications for allowing and escalating situations that lead to a dangerous war where no nation gains. 

Conquests of territories or losing them; wanting to be second to none in military might; pitting man against man - all of these are against Creation.

A World War cannot be justified by any measure. 

History has taught us that wanting bring peace through war is a disillusionment.

Sign this petition because you believe that as a human you have a duty to help save our one and only  world and all life that needs this planet.

Please share this plea and hope for right action throughout the world.

J. D. Lovrenciear


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Signatures: 101Next Goal: 200
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  • Every citizen in the world