Vote For America's Survival

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Vote For America's Survival

Hi, I'm Ella Hall, latest Candidate for US President, and God's vessel to bring Hope and Survival to America. America, God has heard your cries, and your prayers.

I'm gathering signatures on behalf of America's Survival, and therefore, your survival.

Donald Trump expects others to be "loyal" to him, while he and the Republican Congress have shown disloyalty to this Country, Her People, Her Allies, and Her Democracy.

My Campaign is not about Party, and never will be about Party. My Campaign is "solely" about you, our Country, and doing God's will as it relates to each individual citizen, and America as a whole.

My Goal: 300 Million to 320 Million signatures Nationwide in 40-70 days. Nothing is Impossible with God.

IF YOU are FOR America, then go to bat for Her. Wield your "Power", and "Hit" it out of the park by signing this Petition right now. Your signature will also get me on the debate stages with Donald Trump later this year.

Each Citizen, and this Country deserves loyal elected officials. America does not deserve a President who is a dictator, who bashes/embarrasses  America's foreign friends and allies, while blessing, meeting in secret with, and proclaiming "Love" for Her adversaries, and enemies. It is clear that Putin, and Kim are not Trump's adversaries or enemies. WE Deserve Better. NO Leader, Who sides with, and is loyal to an Enemy can make a Country Great. Trump has only lessened the status of this Country around the Globe via the above acts.

Please note that everyone signing this Petition will be dubbed an "Honorary President" for the length of my administration for supporting the survival of the USA, and for supporting, and voting Ella Hall for President on November 3, 2020.

Your Country Needs You Now More Than Ever Before In Your Lifetime, Will You Let The United States Of America Down?  Will You Side With Donald Trump And The Republican Party Who Has Shown By Their Acts That They Are More Loyal To America's Enemies? Their Fruits of Disloyalty Tells You Who They Really Are. God Has Exposed Their True Hearts To America, And The World.

Help America To Survive By Voting For Ella Hall, God's Servant, And Servant To Mankind, And Country.

My Sincere Love, Respect, Best Wishes, and Regards for you,

Ella Hall, Candidate for US President

God Saves His Best For Last.