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Ever owned a GM car? Tell GM to stop funding climate change deniers


Recently leaked documents reveal that General Motors is funding the Heartland Institute, a major climate change-denying "think tank." GM has been bailed out by American taxpayers, and the company says it wants to "proactively address the concerns posed by climate change." So it's outrageous to learn that our tax dollars are ending up in the hands of a group like Heartland. 

The leaked documents also reveal Heartland's intention to affect public education by positioning climate change as "a major scientific controversy." This is business as usual for a group that made its name denying the links between second-hand smoke and cancer.

GM listens to its customers. So if you own a GM car now or ever have in the past, please sign this petition today to ask GM to immediately pull all funding from the Heartland Institute.

Letter to
General Motors, CEO Daniel Akerson
As someone who has been a customer of General Motors, I strongly encourage GM, along with all other corporations, to immediately pull their funding from the Heartland Institute in light of Heartland’s ongoing and persistent support of climate change denial.

I’ve been encouraged by GM’s recent actions on climate change, particularly its investment in the Chevy Volt and its emission reduction initiatives. So I was disturbed to find out that General Motors is one of the corporations that provides funding to the Heartland Institute, which has gone to great lengths to sow doubt about climate science. I was further concerned to read that a GM spokesperson defended your support of Heartland, saying that “We support a variety or organizations that give careful and considerate thought to complex policy issues and Heartland is one of them.”

Describing Heartland as “careful and considerate” is extremely disconcerting, especially in light of revelations that Heartland intends to develop school curricula that frame climate change as a “scientific controversy.” As I am sure you are aware, no such controversy exists. The idea that General Motors would provide any support to an effort that consciously tries to mislead American schoolchildren is truly abhorrent.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you are interested in retaining me as a customer, I strongly encourage you to end your support of the Heartland Institute immediately.

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