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Discontinue Poor Animal Sales and Practices

Some of this would make your stomach turn. I bet he didn't know the USDA keeps copies of records for the public at And all you have to do is search 'Even Keel Exotics' to find it. There's a report on there from Dec 28, 2010 that says in September, earlier that year, he picked up a truck of 206 sugar gliders from a dealer nine hours from where he was. He did this in the back of a rented U-Haul truck. He only checked on the animals once when he stopped to get gas. Half were dead by the time he got home and half died within a week. When the USDA agent was there to make the reports he found very unsanitary conditions, everybody in too-small cages, without proper veterinary care and more; including poor diets that kept the animals just sustained.

There are many reports from customers that say their animals barely live a week once they have been taken from his facility and even while walking through this facility not a single person has refrained from commenting on the crowded conditions, dirty floors and smells.

It is here that we can share our stories and it is here we can all combine our experiences to put a report together on Zachery Keeler that will end these poor animal sales and conditions.

And in the mean time, remember, that if you buy from him he is making profit and he will continue. He is a broker who just buys animals at wholesale, cheap prices and sells them for profit; he is not one of the many, professional and reputable breeders of these exotic species. Stop supporting him and Even Keel Exotics will die.

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