Don't allow your agricultural land to be used for test drilling for gas

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Don't allow your agricultural land to be used for test drilling for gas

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Evan Williams and W Philip Thomas, landowners at Llantrithyd

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With the promise of incentives from UK government, oil and gas companies are now searching throughout the UK for cheap sources of onshore oil and gas.

To tap into these lucrative underground reserves, gas companies must often use an invasive, dirty method – fracking - which brings with it significant and real risks of water pollution, light pollution, smells (from the flaring of the gas), earthquakes and illness among local communities.

We know that this is the case because that is what is happening right now to communities exposed to fracking in the USA.

These firms must also drill where they find the gas – and this is not always in conveniently located, uninhabited brownfield locations.

In our Vale of Glamorgan village, two local landowners are offering Coastal Oil & Gas Ltd the chance to test drill for gas on a green field which for centuries has been used for agricultural purposes.

In their planning application, the company has said that they will then seek to commercially exploit the gas reserves that they find.

The meadow in which they propose to drill lies just metres above a brook which for 40 years has been designated as a conservation area because of its biodiversity and wildlife.

We are appealing to these landowners to think again and to prevent our rural landscape, health and environment from being exposed to this irreversible, long-term damage.

By signing this petition you will be sending out a crucial message early on in the mad dash for energy riches that our natural environment and the health of local wildlife and residents must be protected.

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This petition had 996 supporters

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