Eurosport to cover ALL FIG's RG World and World Challenge Cups

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To whom it may concern, 

The heresigned fans of rhythmic gymnastics, a sport that has been in the Olympic family since 1984 and in recent years has consecutively proved to have followers from all over the world, would like to express their deep regret that in the past season this beautiful sport has become more and more difficult to watch. Fans have been geoblocked, insulted, banned, and worst of all, turned away from something they deeply love. 

Due to the increasingly high demands of the FIG for the television broadcast, local/national tv stations are finding it harder and more unsustainable to provide international coverage of important rhythmic competitions, such as the World and World Challenge Cups, the former to serve as Olympic qualifications for the games in Tokyo 2020. We think it's shocking how some competitions are remaining partly or even entirely hidden from their usual fanbase, let alone the mainstream audience, thus limiting the reach of the sport itself and making it less popular than it already is. Our question is how can the FIG declare they're doing everything to popularize rhythmic gymnastics when some of the biggest competitions will have an extremely limited reach?

We think a solution to this may be for the FIG and Eurosport International, part of Discovery Inc. to consider broadcasting these events on the latter's channels, thus making them available from anywhere in the world, even on a pay-per-view basis.

We are deeply saddened that a huge part of the approaching World Cup in Pesaro, the Individual All-Around, will not be seen by anyone besides the audience present and are hopeful that this will be the last event of this scale that leaves these bitter feelings inside of us.