European Union: Say no to the new law not allowing Romanian dogs to other EU countries

European Union: Say no to the new law not allowing Romanian dogs to other EU countries

January 8, 2014
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Secretary-General of the European Parliament Klaus Welle and 3 others
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Started by Isa Villanen

The Romanian government passed the kill bill and the law came into force in 25th Sept 2013 allowing the government emploees to kill all strays in public shelters overstaying seven (7) days. That resulted in a huge wave on mass killings. And also the Romanians thought they are allowed to do the very same thing, only make it much, much worse.

The things done to the defenseless dogs were and are atrocious. FaceBook is full of these photoes, and even videos of youngsters killing and torturing strays to death.. If EU passes the no-bill to a law, the conseqences will be terrific for the dogs (now they live in purgatory).

The corruption is deeply seated in Romanian society and government and it seems to us that they can get away with it.. Dog catchers get paid per capita and even mayors of some larger towns and cities get paid for the captures of strays, even there are spayed and neutered dogs, even pedigree pets snatched from their yards, among those caught for the death camps.

There are many a Romanian dog in Europe as a loved pet, and most of them are 100% healthy. EU had given Romania millions of euros to fight rabies near it borders with countries having lots of rabies cases. Was that money used as supposed to? Maybe an audit of Romanian governmental accounting would be a good thing to see, if some of the money has been passed to some other place or person.

All dogs from Romania to EU area have been vaccinated agaist rabies and Echonococcus bakteria, among other things. They always travel with a person looking after the dog/dogs in his/her care. They all have had EU pet passports and all have been micro chipped. 

Norway has already denied entrance from Romanian dogs, and only because of few really found and reported cases of rabies. SCAHAW has good guide lines for how to bring a dog to an EU country. We think that this is an over reaction.

And the possible law is not equal. It singles out Romania as the main source of rabies, and yet the contamination by tourists is the real reason behing rabies outbrakes, minor as they have been.

All of us who love animals and gods ask you not to pass the bill and prevent us from getting pets from Romania. The country has suffered a lot economically, and to be singled out as the main provider of the rabies virus is not going to help cooperation in EU.

Please, do not make the same mistake Norways has made, let the Romanian dogs have a chance for good life in other European Union couintries.

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This petition had 34,970 supporters

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