Tesla's Full Self Driving in EU and autonomous driving in the European transport

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Tesla can't push full Autopilot features and will not be able to offer Full Self Driving to cars in Europe due to regulations.

Tesla already pushed an updated Autopilot in Europe that scales back on a couple of functions to comply with new regulations. The changes require faster lane changes and limit how far you can turn the steering wheel on Autosteer.

It is both, limiting and dangerous, as those functions can be suddenly disabled and cannot finish certain maneuvers that the system would otherwise handle without issues. It had to be dialed back to comply with the new UN/ECE R79 regulation on driver assistance systems.

Customers in the EU enjoy fewer features than people across the world and it will only get worse once Full Self Driving becomes available even though the cost of those features is not aligned with what you get.
Tesla has begun to deliver quarterly safety data in order to provide critical safety information about their vehicles. Below are the data from the US (accident per million miles driven). Cars driving with Autopilot engaged are up to 9x less likely to be involved in an accident and the margin will continue to be higher and higher.

Q3 2019
Autopilot - 1 per 4,340 million miles
Average - 1 per 0,498 million miles

Q2 2019
Autopilot - 1 per 3,270 million miles
Average - 1 per 0,498 million miles

Q1 2019
Autopilot - 1 per 2,870 million miles
Average - 1 per 0,436 million miles

Based on the data, autopilot is constantly getting better by a very big margin. 


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