To evaluate if V. Uspaskich and DP fit the membership standarts of Renew Europe and ALDE

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Darbo partija has for years been a full member of ALDE and, after the 2019 European Elections, member of the Renew Europe European Parliamentary group. This petition aims to draw attention to the fact that Viktoras Uspaskich, the leader of Darbo partija and one of the MEPs from Lithuania, and, by proxy, Darbo partija, hardly fit the bill of a truly liberal party that is commited to the defense and protection of human rights, especially after what has been spoken by Uspaskich in one of his livestreams. We believe that no liberal politician should speak or act against the values of human rights. And LGBT+ rights are human rights.

The most striking affront (among many others exhibited by Uspaskich and Darbo partija) to liberalism has been the latest video where Uspaskich displays a strong disdain to the LGBT+ community and equality. Any amount of homophobia from a liberal MEP should not be taken lightly. Therefore, we ask the MEPs in the Renew Europe group and representatives of ALDE Party in the European Parliament and in the party structures present and discuss the actions of Viktor Uspaskich in the appropriate environment that could evaluate and determine whether an MEP or party leader that has these views and publicly attacks and offensively displays his or her open hatred and disdain about the LGBT+ community can be a full and honest member of a liberal and progressive parliamentary group or European party. Here's the video and translation attached:  [

Translation: “At our place, here, we can simply very easily and simply legalize a family man with man, take and let them adopt a child. It is all natural it, seems. In some European countries it is even dangerous to talk that you have... are a representative of a natural orientation. It's dangerous. I don't want my TV shows, my lives on FB to be commented on by „pediks“. Because it's not a livestream for them. I speak exactly about pediks, the deviants – fate, life has given them such a life, it's not their fault that in male clothes they feel like women, the majority of people does not go and advertise themselves. But the ones that would stick their ***** under skirts and go in the steets to shout and scream, are pediks, deviants. And, really, these things should not be tolerated<...>“