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EU Parliament: The EU Stipulates that any Deal Offered Requires a Referendum to Ratify it.

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We sincerely request that our European representatives in OUR European parliament, of which we are still a part, take into account the wishes of close to 50% of the population of the UK when considering the terms of any deal offered to the UK populace. We appeal to you thus:

We the 48% plus who did not vote to leave the EU believe that, given the headlong, hell-for-leather approach of Theresa May and the Conservative government here in the UK, she and they are not considering (or have no care for) the full consequences of the UK exiting the EU nor are they interested in including the UK electorate in the acceptance of that decision. To our minds, any conditions of exit MUST be considered and voted on in their entirety by the people, in possession of the full facts, before they are accepted.

We assert this because we believe that the referendum in June 2016 was based on lies and misinformation and was, as such, a flawed referendum where those who voted to leave based their decision on a litany of disingeuous untruths which are listed below. A link to justifications of why these are lies is here

We send £350m a week to Brussels
We can’t stop Turkey joining
We can’t stop a European army
We are still liable to pay eurozone bailouts
The UK rebate can be changed against our will
Our VAT exemptions will be ended
Cameron’s deal was not legally binding
EU law is adopted by unelected bureaucrats
We can’t control our borders in the EU
Criminals arriving in Germany can get EU passports and come over here
Health tourism costs us billions
EU needs UK trade more than vice versa
Past referendum results have been ignored
Auditors still refuse to sign off the accounts
CAP adds £400 to British food bills
British steel suffers because of the EU
Irish border will be unaffected by Brexit
UK can’t deport EU criminals
UK is always outvoted
60-70% of laws come from EU
Renationalisation of industries is impossible
We get no veto on future treaty change or integration
The budget ceiling can increase without our consent
We thought we were only joining a free trade zone

It is our conviction that any deal offered by the EU may well, justifiably, be detrimental for our country now and will be detrimental for our country for decades to come. It is with that in mind, that we sincerely and very concernedly request that the EU Parliament, The Council of Europe and the EU Commission act, as they should, with the best interests of all the citizens of the EU at heart, thus including all the citizens of the UK who will be affected by any decision to leave.

To that end, we request formally and sincerely that any deal offered by the EU to the government and people of the UK comes with the caveat asserted by the EU that it must be approved by the British people by way of a referendum thus allowing the population of the UK to choose in full knowledge of the consequences of any decision to leave.

The proposed 2nd Referendum must include the option of full membership of the EU on existing terms, as well as a detailed proposed new deal with the EU outside the Single Market and the associated consequences of such a deal.

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