Stop slaughtering whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands!

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On the 12th of September (2018) countless dolphins were slaughtered at the Faroe Islands, the government claims that this barbaric act is part of their way of life and the people have the right to use the islands natural resources. The society claims that in the last 50 years the Faroese have killed more than 62,000 pilot whales and dolphins. During 2017, the society claims 1,691 dolphins and whales were killed across 24 grindadráp hunts in the Faroe Islands. So far in 2018, Sea Shepherd say 561 pilot whales and 255 Atlantic white sided dolphins have been killed in the islands. This came to my attention my seeing a disgusting video on Facebook of the Red Sea surrounding the island as a result of the killing. This a yearly occurrence and still has not stopped, this year (2019) 94 long filled pilot whales were killed; this included four calves and at least five pregnant mothers, all were dragged on the beach and slaughtered. Please help me to stop this from happening to anymore innocent animals.