Seal clubbing needs to stop !

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Hello, I am a bay seal and I will probably be killed for my fur before I reach 3 months old.

What are you actually doing ? Stop looking at memes for three minutes and go look at some seal clubbing videos.

Convinced yet ?

This cruel hunt should not exist in this day and age, nevertheless some barbaric people seem to think the opposite.

You can always argue that this is an important tradition which provide food and clothing. You could not be further from the truth. This is not the middle-age. We do not have to kill baby seals anymore to dress ourselves.

Every year, 900 000 seals are killed. That is almost a million innocent souls that are killed for commercial purposes. Speaking of commercial purposes, the only thing taken by those hunters is the fur and the meat is left to rot. This is not only extremely barbaric and useless, it is not even respecting the very essence of hunting: to feed ourselves.

Seal hunting proponent have often said that they do what they do to preserve the fish population, especially cod, which is not even true considering that cod represent less than 3% of a seal’s diet.

Rather than facing the truth that the fish population is diminishing due to overfishing, they prefer to put the blame on baby seals.

Little information for you, most of the seals kills by seals hunters are younger than three months old. An age at which they cannot defend themselves against predators of any kind, especially those armed with clubs.

This is cruelty, plain and simple cruelty. Their fur is not as valuable as it used to be. We can and we have, for the most part of the last hundred years, easily survived without having to club baby seals.

Everybody knows about whale hunting and the devastating consequences on the whale population and the eco system in its entirety. Less people are aware of the fight that needs to be fought against this menace and all kind of cruelty.


If we can show that there is enough attention from the public, we can then push our institutions to take actions. We need to spread this message and inform our fellow Europeans citizens.

We know that what we asked is too big a change to be codified and fully enforced but as citizens of the world we must rise for what can only be considered right.

Think of it as this: would you watch a corrida, where an innocent animal is tortured and bludgeoned to death for the sole enjoyment of a public cheering for blood.

We have a duty to be better as a specie and stop being passive witnesses to this sadistic and out of age practice.

We invite you to sign this petition to urge our representatives to act in a swift and unforgiving manner, just like those hunters.

Thank you for your time and consideration for this cause.