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Save the European Voluntary Service

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RIVE - Rete Italiana Volontariato Europeo a lancé cette pétition adressée à European Parliament et à

A recent European Commission proposal will be discussed in September by the European Parliament, which if approved will mean the end for the European Voluntary Service that will be replaced by the European Solidarity Corps from January 2018.

The new proposal will cut funds available for each volunteer project in order to drastically increase the number of volunteers and eliminate EVS sending and coordinating entities.

Sending organizations play a supporting role for young people before, during and after the volunteer period.

Their disappearance will have very serious qualitative consequences for the program especially for young people with fewer opportunities that need more support and guidance structures to be able to join the programme. That would put a sudden end to the priorities advocated by the European Union for an inclusive growth towards the young people with fewer opportunities. This seems to be in contrast with the values of solidarity and inclusion that are the bases of the Erasmus+ programme and of the European Union, as it would raise barriers to most disadvantaged youth and privilege those who were most fortunate.

The end of coordinating organizations, caused by the changes in the accreditation system and the budget cut, will result in the lack of opportunities for organizations with less experience and less planning skills to participate in the program.

The exit of the most experienced organizations will also mean the loss of their accumulated experience over the years thanks to Erasmus + staff training opportunities.

Moreover, the exclusion from the program of the so-called Partner countries (Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership Countries, South Mediterranean countries and Russian Federation)  unless unspecified bilateral agreements, will block the work of hundreds of organizations that have been successfully working in these countries in recent years, subordinating the continuation of the activities to political agreements to be signed again, without certainty about ways and times.

With this reform, a huge amount of skills accumulated in 20 years of EVS will be lost, in which training and quality research have led to a solid program regarding support of volunteers and monitoring of the activities carried out.

With this reform the cornerstones of EVS will fail, many good practices will necessarily be abandoned and action that has been proved to be an absolute excellence will end up to give way to quantity at the expenses of quality.

The network of signatory organizations therefore requests the proposal to be rejected by the European Parliament and that a new proposal shall be formulated following a consultation involving all former volunteers as well as sending, hosting or coordinating organisations of EVS projects.

 The full text of the petition can be found at

The European Commission proposal can be found at this link:

 Organisations supporting the petition:

RIVE – Rete Italiana Volontariato Europeo
Associazione Joint, Milan, Italy
A.N.F.F.A.S. ONLUS Pordenone, Pordenone, Italy
Associazione InCo-Molfetta, Molfetta, Italy
Associazione Movimentazioni, Pescara, Italy
Associazione Culturale Strauss, Mussomeli, Italy
Basilicata Link, Matera, Italy
Cantiere Giovani Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS, Frattamaggiore (NA), Italy
P.E.CO. – Progetti Europei di Cooperazione, Genova, Italy
Stranaidea, Turin, Italia
YouNet, Bologna, Italy
Xena Centro scambi e dinamiche interculturali, Padova, Italy
Iniative et Développement Citoyen, Lastours, France
Hors Pistes, Marseille, FRANCE
Eurocircle, Marseille, France
Association de Développement pour le Haut-Cabardès, Mas-Cabardès, France
ADVIT Moldova, Moldova
CODEC vzw, Belgium
Associação Juvenil Rota Jovem, Cascais, Portugal
Fundacja Rozwoju Spo_ecze_stwa Przedsi_biorczego, Katowice, Poland
Stowarzyszenie Aktywno_ci Obywatelskiej Bona Fides, Katowice, Poland
United Societies of Balkans, Thessaloniki, Greece
“Common Sense” Youth Organization”, Sumgait, Azerbaijan
Cazalla Intercultural, Lorca, Spain
helder, IJlst, Netherlands
ExisT, Trieste, Italy
Associazione Eufemia, Torino, Italy
Centro Cultural de Hispanohablantes, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
VE IDF, Paris, France
Parcours le monde – Sud-Est, Marseille, FRANCE
Outward Bound Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia
GARE, Évora, Portugal
Propósito Inadiável . Associação para Costumes Futuros, Fortios, Portalegre, Portugal
Zavod Manipura, Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia
Zavod manipura, Begunje na gorenjsem, Slovenia
“””Hope For Children”” CRC Policy Center”, Nicosia, Cyprus
Finglas youth resource centre, Dublin, Ireland
E Ki Libro, Rennes, France
Al_jó_leg ungmennaskipti (AUS), Reykjavik, Iceland
LEXIKON training & coaching, Pozna_, Poland
Kadin Haklarini KorumaDernegi Izmir Subesi, IZMIR, Turkey
Município de Odemira, Odemira, Portugal
EVS Volunteer, Yerevan, Armenia
ex-volunteer, Lviv, Ukraine
Omladinski centar za demokratiju, Ni_, Serbia
BalkanIdeaNoviSad, , Serbia
Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, Barcelona, Spain
Beyond 96 Youth Service, Dublin, Ireland
Beyond 96, Dublin, Ireland
Ballyfermot youth service, Ireland, Ireland
Finglas Youth Resource Centre, Dublin, Ireland
Mladiinfo International, Skopje, Macedonia
OAZO, France
Equality and development center, , Georgia
Beyond Barrier Association, Tirana, Albania
Kulturális Életért Közhasznú Egyesület, , Hungary
Beyond 96 youth club, Dublin, Ireland
Beyond Barriers Association, Tirana, Albania
Toka, Prishtina, Kosovo
APS LA FENICE ASD, Tortona, Italy
Pertej Barrierave, Tirana, Albania
Youth Association creACTive, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Blanc, France
Core Youth Service, Dublin, Ireland
Socialna akademija, Ljubljana, Slovenia
“Ardhmeria” Youth Center”, Klinë, Kosovo
Beyond Barriers Association, Tirana, Albania
Ballyfermot youth club, Dublin, Ireland
Youth Association from Transylvania, Cristuru Secuiesc, Romania
Területfejlesztök a videkért egyesület, Pécs, Hungary
Shoqata Njerezit te Paret, Fier, Albania
Területfejlesztök a Videkerk Egyesület, Pécs, Hungary
Praxis Europe, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Eurobug, Dublin, IRELAND
Beyond 96 youth club, Dublin, Ireland
Területfejlesztök A Vidékért Egyesület, Pécs, Hungary
Ballyfermot youth service, Dublin, Ireland
Youth Association creACTive, Skopje, Macedonia
ESN Almería, Almeria, Spain
De Wissel vzw, Leuven, Belgium
Core youth project, Dublin, Ireland
Területfejleszt_k a Vidékért Egyesület, Pécs, Magyarország
INVOLVDE, Tallinn, Estonia
Casa da Horta, associação cultural, Porto, Portugal
Meghan Roe, Dublin, Ireland
NGO Öökull, Tartu, Estonia
Qendra URA, Tirana, Albania
Területfejleszt_k a Vidékért, Pécs, Hungary
Cantiere Giovani Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS, Frattamaggiore (NA), italy
Területfejlesztok a Vidékért Egyesület, Pécs, Hungary
Bike Maffia Egyesulet, Budapest, Hungary
IAESTE NOVI SAD, Novi Sad, Serbia
Outward Bound Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia
Erasmus Student Network, Belgrade, Serbia
Ballyfermot youth service, Dublin, Ireland
Mladinski center Zagorje ob Savi, Zagorje ob Savi, Slovenia
CET Platform, Belgrade, Serbia
Center for Education and Training Prizren, Prizren, Kosovo
Social Business Incubator, Mitrovica, Kosovo
Drustvo CET Platforma, Ptuj, Slovenia
“European Association “”World-Our Home”””, Rezekne, Latvia
Ballyfermot youth service, , Ireland
“Film Design Studio “”BaltStar”””, Rezekne, Latvia
Ukrainian Youth Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine
Területfejlesztök a vidékért egyesület, Hungary
The Business Machine Europe, Bern, Switzerland
YFU Flanders, Mechelen, Belgium
Traku rajono veiklaus jaunimo asociacija, Lentvaris, Lithuania
Zavod Manipura, Mlaka, Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia
Youth association Kreaktiv, Skopje / Kavadarci, Macedonia
Association for sustainable developmenr SFERA Macedonia, Bitola, Macedonia
Popotnisko zdruzenje Slovenije, Maribor, Slovenia
“European Association “”World-Our Home”, Rezekne, Latvia
CET Platform, Belgrade, Serbia
CET platfoma Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia
Youth In Progress Austria, Graz, Austria
Stowarzyszenie Niebieskie Motyle, Krosnice, Poland
Interaktiva, Osijek, Croatia
Vereniging voor jeugdbescherming Wingerdbloei vzw, Antwerp, Belgium
Alternativi International, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Proaktiv, Ni_, Serbia
INEX-SDA, Prague, Czech Republic
ESN Primorska, Slovenia
SKok, Bratislava, Slovakia
Fundatia Life Tineret, Oradea, Romania
Asociatia Learning Communities, Oradea, Romania
Teruletfejlesztok a Videkert Egyesulet, Pesc, Hungary
“Centre of voluntary movement “Lastochki”, Samara, Russian Federation
Messzelátó Egyesület, , Hungary
“udruga za pomoc mladima “”Help”” – Split”, Split, Croatia
Depaul Northern Ireland, Belfast, United Kingdom
Colectivo Gentes, Jaén, Spain
Tools For Solidarity, Belfast, Ireland
Asociacion Cultural en Construcción, Aviles, Spain
Yetooponese. Un espacio para la gestión de inéditos viables, Oviedo, Spain
ACTOR, Bucharest, Romania
Tools for Solidarity, Belfast, UK
SFERA Movement, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
Youth Center Creactive Kavadarci, Kavadarci, Macedonia
CESIE, Palermo (Italy), Italy
Città di Torino, Torino, Italy
MTÜ Noortevahetuse Arengu Ühing ESTYES, Tallinn, Estonia
Momentum World CIC, London, United Kingdom
Asociacion Mundus, Barcelona, Spain, Spain
Zavod Manipura, Begunje na gorenjskem, Slovenija
Praxis Europe, Birmingham, England
Asociación Socioeducativa para el Desarrollo Comunitario Educere, Lugo, Spain
Wild Carpathia, Sighisoara, Romania
Zavod ODTIZ, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Youth Center Kreaktiv Kavadarci, Kavadarci, Macedonia
The Inside Out Programme, Derry, Northern Ireland
Youth Association Ahimsa, Zadar, Croatia
Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey
“Youth Center “Perspektiva”, Durres, Albania
Teruletfejlesztok a Videkert Egyesulet, Pècs, Hungary
Kumanovski akcijashi, Kumanovo,Macedonia, Macedonia
Familbase, Dublin, Ireland
VILÁGJÁRÓ ÖNKÉNTES Tanácsadó és Szolgáltató Nonprofit KFT, Debrecen, Hungary
Eurocircle Deutschland e.V., Germany
Hostelling International Slovenia / Popotni_ko zdru_enje Slovenije, Maribor, Slovenia
Centro Xuvenil Abertal, Vigo, Spain
Assotiation of Non-formal Education (ANEV z.s.), Prague, Czech Republic
non-formal group Cardio Youngs, Bratislava, Slovakia
Action for Change and Transformation -ACT, Tirana, Albania (recently established), Albania
Mladiinfo, Bratislava, Slovakia
INEX – Sdruzeni dobrovolnych aktivit, z.s., Prague, Czech Republic
Muovimente, Viterbo, Italy
Youth Association Droni, Tbilisi, Georgia
tools for soliadrity, Belfast, UK
Trendum, o.p.s., Ostrava, Czech Republic
Youth association Droni, TBILISI, GEORGIA
Hang-Kép Kulturális Egyesület, Debrecen, Hungary
Nous, Camposano, italy
ADEL Slovakia, , Slovakia
Youth Association DRONI, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tools for Solidariy, Belfast, UK
Youth for Equality, Puste Ulany, Slovakia
Positiva Milano, Milano, Italy
Erkyna Youth group, Livadeia, Greece
STEP – Society for territorial progress, Zemplinske Hamre, Slovakia
Infinity opportunity association, Sofia, Bulgaria
Inter Alia, Athens, Greece
Praxis, Serres, Greece
Social Youth Development, Kalamata, Greece, Greece
grenzkultur cabuwazi, berlin, Germany
Fundación Canfranc, Zaragoza, España
Casa per la pace Milano, Milano, Italy
Youth Association Droni, Tbilisi, Georgia
kk, , bosnia and herzegovina
No organization, , bosnia and herzegovina
D’Ecouves Verte, Fontenai les louvets, France
Cidj, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Zavod Voluntariat, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Maira Luordo, Turin, Italy
United Societies of Balkans, Thessaloniki, Greece
Mission locale, Lyon, France
Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
European Humanities University, Vilnius, Lithuania
Comune di Torino, Torino, Italy
International Centre of Piece and Integration(ICPI), Tbilisi, Georgia
Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
S´Einlädele – gemeinnützge Gesellschaft für Mission und Seelsorge mbH, Freiburg – Germany,
Mladiinfo Slovensko, Bratislava, Slovakia
NGO Unit, Kyiv, Ukraine
Youth NGO MIKS, Kamyanske, Ukraine
YMCA UKRAINE, Kyiv, Ukraine
Associazione Porta Nuova Europa, Pavia, Italy
Service volontaire international, Brussels, Belgium
The WAYA Initiative, Athens, Greece
V.I.A.C. – In_titút pre podporu a rozvoj mláde_e, Trstená, Slovakia
Kansainvälinen vapaaehtoistyö ry, Finland
European VIllage, Athens, Greece
Agros Youth Club, Agros, Cyprus
Youth Center of Epirus, Ioannina, Greece
Youth House, Sliven, Bulgaria
Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro
Perm regional branch of the International historical-enlightenment charity and human rights society “Memorial”, Perm, Russia
Center for Euroinitiatives, Sumy, Ukraine
Youth Development and Integration Association STRIM, Cracow, Poland
Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat, Poznań, Poland
International Voluntary Service, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Dansk ICYE, Denmark, Denmark

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Cette pétition avait 10 254 signataires

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