Reject article 13, Don’t prohibit memes.

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Memes are an excellent source of entertainment, promoting people (often below the age of 20) to use their creativity to make new forms of what could be considered art. The European Union wishes to initiate Article 13, a legislation that would ban the use of copyrighted material for creative purposes, unless permission from the owner is given. This means that the use of songs such as Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ and image macros will not be permitted to be used in memes. If these materials are completely restricted to the point at which only those with a license can create forms of simple entertainment, many people will be turned away from making these things, not to mention the hours of work some have put in to make people smile. If enough people pitch in, we could stop these prohibitions, allowing the youth to have their fun, and use their creativity in a positive way. Above is an example of the material that would be prohibited if article 13 is implemented.