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Peter Ergen, Charles Edward Forrester and Josh Krasny need your support to demand a halt of OVERFISHING from the EU parliament

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There is a critical, urgent need to preserve marine biodiversity and the European Parliament is giving into the pressures of lobbies.

“In a few years or decades, our children might have to forego fish as a food altogether”
-Charles Edward Forrester, marine biologist and conservationist-

Today, much like our debilitating fear of the energy lobby in the face of global warming, there seems to be an inability to face the issue of overfishing with objectivity and foresight.

The scientific data is abundant and the irreversible consequences of overfishing will soon be inevitable. Peter Ergen, wildlife population expert, explains that there is a direct impact on genetic diversity of species such as the salmon or the Atlantic cod. On average, overfished species have about 18 per cent fewer genetic variants than their lightly fished relatives and this puts the survival of the species in even greater peril. Furthermore, there is a rupture of the balance in the food chain by removing either prey or predator from a delicate environment. What will all the fisheries do when there is no more fish in the sea? The ones who live off of fishing need to realize that they also stand to lose.

“Today, there is no doubt in our minds. European subsidies that contribute to overfishing must end. We have the science to back our statements and we can help politicians regulate fishing in a way that will not harm the fishing industry and most importantly, safeguard marine wildelife.”
-Josh Krasny, environmental politics expert-

Peter Ergen, Charles Edward Forrester and Josh Krasny are in the process of creating a think-tank that will help explore sustainable solutions. “Ergen, Krasny and I are determined to bring this issue out of the current standstill and propose innovative solutions based on solid scientific data”, said Charles Edward Forrester in a recent interview.

Please help us bring science and common sense to the table of European politics.
By signing this petition, you are asking the European Parliament to review its current laws and quotas relating to fishing inside AND outside European waters.

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