Peaceful resolution of the conflict between Turkey and Greece

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This summer the situation between Turkey and Greece, which have a history of conflicts and difficulties, escalated. The Turkish president commanded a research ship, accompanied by several warships, to search for oil within a zone that falls under Greek territory, according to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea signed by 168 countries, except by Turkey (and a few other countries). Half October they repeated this move. 

The situation is extremely complex and, in most experts' opinion, the issue needs to be discussed by both governments with a neutral third-party mediator or brought before an impartial court of justice to solve the conflict. This was proposed by the Greek government in August, but the Turkish government has not yet responded or agreed to it. 

Instead, both governments are currently investing our tax money - and incurring further debt - for armament, preparing themselves for a possible war between the countries. If Greece will be under attack all other European Union member states would have to assist. So this conflict threatens peace within the whole of Europe.

This petition calls for a peaceful resolution of this conflict. Both parties involved can negotiate to come to a solution and other countries should support such a diplomatic approach, instead of contributing to the division by selling weapons to Turkey or Greece.

Moreover, we live in an age where governments should work on a transition to renewable energies, rather than to fight over oil or fund more arms. And we know that war has an incredibly negative impact on the lives of the regular citizens.

We, citizens and residents of Greece, are calling on our fellow Europeans --and everybody else-- to speak up for a peaceful resolution of the conflict between Turkey and Greece and immediate disarmament on both sides, as well as an immediate withdrawal of the military ships within the mentioned sea area.

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