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The problem that I am trying to solve along with so many other binational couples is the fact that currently binational couples are NOT allowed to reunite. This is a problem. Austria, Denmark, & Norway - are the latest and only three countries that are allowing binational couples to reunite, so far.

The ban on the EU from the US was only supposed to be 30 days. It is now July 12th. The ban is still in effect. The EU has also placed a ban on the US (with no end date in sight). Binational couples deserve to be reunited. It is not fair or humane that celebrities and athletes have the rights to travel and do tourism, but binational couples cannot reunite? I thought we were living in the year of 2020 when our human rights were not taken away from us. 

Binational couples will take all safety measures into place; mask at airport & plane, hand sanitizer, and even gloves (if needed). Some of us will take a COVID-19 test at our own individual expense, and we can and will quarantine with our boyfriend/girlfriend upon arrival in the European Union.

@ Kyriakos Mitsotakis, @ Greek MFA, @ US Embassy Greece, @ Embassy Greece - New York, @ European Union, @ European Parliament, @ European Commission; 

---You do not have to lift the ban for tourism, but at least lift the ban for US citizens to be exempt  - so they have their right to reunite with their partner of Greek nationality. US Citizens that have a binational relationship deserve to reunite with their partner. Be an example GREECE like Austria, Denmark, & Norway. PLEASE.