If men had periods, sanitary protection would be tax-free

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If men had periods, sanitary protection would be tax-free

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Hands up everyone who thinks that menstruation is a luxury.

Oh, no one’s hand has gone up! That’s right. Because, obviously, that’s a silly thing to say. But then, why are feminine hygiene products which manage menstruation taxed as non-essential luxury items? 

It really doesn’t make sense and yet most countries in the EU levy tax on tampons, sanitary pads and other menstrual products.

Come on Europe. These products fulfill basic needs not whimsical desires.

Having periods is not a lifestyle choice but a biological reality.

Why should Governments profit from women’s monthly bleed?

Politicians from EU Member States are hiding behind a 'European' decision, made many years ago, that feminine hygiene products must be taxed. In Britain, cakes are not taxed: they are nice, but does anyone really think they are more essential to life than sanitary protection?  Similar illogical examples can be found across Europe. Why?

Let’s tell the European Parliament to revoke that decision.  Let’s tell our MEPs to raise the issue in the Chamber and vote to stop taxing women’s bodies.  It’s that simple.

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