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Fund an alternative to Fracking

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Humans burn approximately 3 cubic miles of fossil fuels every year, mostly coal, oil and gas, and this demand for energy is increasing.

Fracking is the latest technology to extract yet more fossilised energy reserves that have laid dormant for millions of years in the Earth's crust. Extracting this fossil fuel and burning it is inexpensive but bad for our planet.  It could harm everyone, everywhere.

A simple yet untapped technology exists that would reduce the amount of energy humans need to consume by around 40% and would be much easier and less expensive to develop and roll out than Fracking.  Since Fracking also has potential safety and environmental hazards, reducing or removing the need to do Fracking would be beneficial in many ways since it is being linked to pollution and structural damage of buildings.  

This new and untapped technology is called "Zero Waste Docked Mode for vehicles".  It enables Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles to heat and cool our buildings, produce our electricity in an unprecedented reliable manner and it enables the exhaust gases from vehicles to be filtered to the highest possible levels for unprecedented reduction in air pollution.

Zero Waste Docked Mode (ZWDM) for vehicles not only avoids but in fact solves the problems of electricity supply and demand caused by increasing numbers of electric vehicles (which could require power generation to double by 2050).

Household energy costs could reduce by 50% or more if this ZWDM technology was brought to market and made available.

Although electricity is the form of energy that seems to get most attention in the media, it represents only about 10% of energy used.  The largest proportions of our energy is used by transport (30%) and heating for buildings (30%).  Our road vehicles are very inefficient and use only about 10% of the energy in their fuel for motion, 90% is lost as waste heat.  The amount of waste heat dumped by passenger cars is roughly the same amount that is required by our buildings.  

Our electricity generating systems rely on a few large and expensive powerstations that also generate large amounts of waste heat, the cost of producing this waste heat is of course passed on to the customers.

Simply by using our cars in a way that enables them to heat our buildings by harnessing the heat they otherwise dump into the environment is better. Using them to do this at the same time as producing our electricity in a more reliable and less wasteful way is also better both economically and environmentally.

The proposer of this idea has been approaching governments, institutions and businesses for over a decade now without making any progress in getting this idea any support.

It is time to give Zero Waste Docked Mode for vehicles proper evaluation and support. Time for our planet has simply ran out. The Great Barrier Reef is dead. Storms are increasing in their devastation. Desertification is accelerating. There is no more time to waste. This clean technology is simple and easy to develop and will create many jobs at the same time as almost halving human energy consumption and CO2 emissions. It will help our economy and our environment.

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More details can be found in the book "Simple new ways to solve our energy crisis. Part 1: Transport Systems" available on Amazon.



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