European parliament should not trust Trita Parsi's policy recommendations on Iran

European parliament should not trust Trita Parsi's policy recommendations on Iran

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Leila Robinson started this petition to European Parliament

To Honourable Members of European Parliament



Through an announcement on The European Parliament’s website, we learned that this Parliament has invited Mr. Trita Parsi to participate in a discussion panel on the recent developments in Iran.


Due to the internati onal gravity of any podium provided the European Parliament, we - a group of Iranian human rights activists - feel obliged to bring Mr. Parsi’s background into attention.


Mr. Parsi is an apologist for the Islamic Regime in Iran and has close ties with the Foreign Minister and chief apologist/propagandist of the regime Mr. Javad Zarif. A court case is being attached to this letter in regards to Mr.Parsi’s lobbying for Iran’s regime. He is also one of the co-founders of the National Iranian Americans Council (NIAC), a notorious organization which acts as the de-facto lobby of the Islamic Republic regime in the United States. Therefore, he cannot possibly be an objective observer to inform the European Parliament of Iran’s internal developments and the sentiments of the Iranian people.


Iran’s regional policies from Lebanon and Syria to Iraq and Yemen have spread terror, sectarianism and radicalism in the Middle East. Not to forget that the regime’s domestic policies has been as destructive as its regional ones. The crimes such as the shooting down of the civilian flight PS752 and bloody November of 2019 have devastated Iranians. Yet, institutes such as Quincy Institute where Mr. Paris is currently an Executive Vice President, have played an important role in whitewashing and undermining the regime's crimes against humanity.


The recent farcical Presidential Election brought Ibrahim Raisi, known as “The Butcher of Tehran'', to power. Amnesty International has declared: “Raisi must be investigated for crimes against humanity”. On election day when the regime set up polling stations outside of Iran, large protests were held in many countries - including all countries in the European Union - in front of the regime embassies and consulates to oppose this rigged election. In addition to the protests, since 18th June the energy sector workers in Iran are in general strike.


Now that the Islamic regime of Iran has lost legitimacy more than any time in the past, we respectfully advise the European Parliament not to normalize the oppression of the Iranian people by inviting people who have a long history of apologizing for the regime of Iran.


We respectfully suggest that in the future, the honourable members of the EU Parliament invite the Iran experts who can be more neutral and objective views on Iran. For instance, in our judgement, organizations such as NUFDI (National Union for Democracy in Iran), IAL (Iranian Americans for Liberty) or I VOL (Institute for Voices of Liberty), are more in line with the true aspirations of the Iranian people and can present a more realistic picture of what is going on in Iran.


We would like to thank you for your time and consideration.


Yours most respectfully







The Family of the victims of Bloody November 2019:

·         Mahboubeh Ramezani and Ghasem Gholipour, the parents of Pejman Gholipour

·         Firouzeh and Mahmoud Moazzami, the parents of Reza Moazzami

·         Somayyeh Jafarpanah and Talat Moshki, the mother and sister of Mohsen Jafarpanah

·         Ghorban Zarezadeh and Zahra Parvini, the parents of Amirhossein Zarezadeh

·         Faezeh, Fereshteh, Shahram and Foad Majdam and Sedigheh Toorani, The family of Farhad Majdam

·         Mahnaz Karami and Morteza Damour, the parents of Vahid Damour

·         Noushin Mahmoudi, the mother of Alireza Anjavi

·         Narges Afshari, the mother of Mohammad Dastankhah

·         Azar Tajik, the mother of Alireza Sheydayi

·         Mahmoud Moeinfar and Iran allahyari, the parents of Mehrdad Moeinfar

·         Rahimeh Yousefzadeh and Tahmoures Behboudi, the parents of Navid Behboudi

·         Sakineh Ahmadi, the mother of Ebrahim Ketabdar

·         Firouzeh Pourkiani, the mother of Amir Alvand Mehr

·         Sahar Homayunfar, the family member of political prisoner, Amirhossein Moradi.

·         Farideh Sheikh, the mother of political prisoner Omid Mirderikvand

·         Jamileh Abreh Dari, the mother of Mohsen Mozaffari

·         Kowkab Fotuhi and Tahereh Bojrovani, the wife and mother of Ali Fotuhi

·         Fereshteh Jahangiri, the mother of Mehrzad Rezaei

·         Nahid Shirpisheh, the mother of Pouya Bakhtiari


Shirin Salimi, the mother of Saroo Ghahremani

Shole Pakravaan and Shahrzad Jabbari the mother and sister of Reyhaneh Jabbari

Kamran Asa; the brother of Kianoosh Asa


The Family of PS752 flight victims:                              

·         Mehrdad Zarei, the father of Arad Zarei

·         Shahin Moghaddam, the father of Rastin and husband of Shakiba

·         Behrouz Rahimi, the husband of Susan Golbaba pour

·         Meysam Salahi, the brother of Mohsen Salahi

·         Leila Latifi and Masoud Saaedinia, the parents of Amirhossein Saeedinia

·         Khosrow Malek, the father of Maryam Malek

·         Davoud Soltani, the father of Paniz Soltani

·         Marjan Rabi’ee, the mother of Pegah Safarpour


Iranian Athletes

·         Majid Fallah, Ex-Captain for Iran’s National team And World Champion

·         Habil Mahour, Ex-Member of Iran’s National Wrestling Team and Germany’s League Champion

·         Bahador Karami, Ex-Member of National Boxing Team for Iran

·         Morteza Jafari, Ex-National Boxer for Iran

·         Esmael Mohammadi, ex-Member of Iran’s National Taekwondo

·         Ali Ansari, Ex-Member of Iran’s Karate Team

·         Sardar Pashaei, World’s Youth Champion in Wrestling, Iran’s National Team Ex-Coach

·         Mohammadreza Faghani, International Football Referee

·         Bahman Azizpour, World’s Champion in Boxing

·         Yaghoub Najjari, Ex-Member of Iran’s Judo National Team

·         Davoud Ojaghi, World Champion in Kickboxing

·         Amin Faskhordi, Ex-National Footballer for Iran

·         Peyman Sadeghi, Champion in Arnold Classic Strongmen

·         Mostafa Arab, Ex-Football Captain for Iranian National team

·         Reza Soleimani, Ex-Water polo National team member and Asia Champion


Ellie Cohanim, Journalist and Ex-Deputy Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism in the US

Amin Sofiamehr, Researcher and Political Analyst

Joseph Aminian, Researcher and Political Analyst

Bijan Kian, Iranian American Businessman and Ex National Security Council on Iran’s Affairs

Sam Rajabi, Judo World Cup Champion and Campaigner

Foad Pashaei, Secretary General of Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

Khosrow Beintollahi, Member of Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

Fahimeh Ilghami, Member of Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

Shayan Arya, Member of Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

Ebrahim Ahanian, Member of Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

Akbar Asgari, Member of Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

Saeed Jabbari, Member of Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

Hayedeh Tavackoli, Member of Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

Amir Sadri, Member of Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

Nader Zahedi, Member of Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

Mina Eman Golizada, National Unity Organisation of Iran

Bijan Mehr, Political Activist

Nik Jafazadeh, Secretary General of Constitutional Monarchy System (Berlin branch)

Nader Sedighi, Journalist and Political Activist

Ali Nayyeri, Physicist

Ali Ashtari, Data scientist and Political Activist

Ashkan Monfared, Political Activist

Reza Behrouz, Iranian American Physician

Maryam Shariatmadari, Iranian Human Rights Advocate

Arezo Rashidian, Iranian American Health Care Professional and Member of Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

Daniel Jafari, President, Iranian Americans for Liberty

Bryan E.Leib, Executive Director, Iranian Americans for Liberty

Ali Ebrahimzadeh, Campaign Manager for Normal Life Council

Saeed Mohammadi, Singer

Morteza Barjasteh, Singer

Firouzeh Ghaffarpour, Campaign for Justice (Dadkhahi)

Homan Yousefi, Political Activist

Amirali Shahsavani, Political activist

Leila Robinson, Political Activist

Farzam Kalbasi, Reporter and Political Activist

Reza Ghardashi, Political Activist

Adlin Karzi, Political Activist

Masoud Alizadeh, Political Activist

Shahin Najafi, Singer and Political Activist

Kaveh Mousavi, Lawyer and Activist

Hamid Talebzadeh, Singer

Siamak Hatam, Singer

Fatemeh Sepehri, Member of the “14 Political Activists Campaign”

Ardavan Khoshnood MD, PhD, Associate Professor

Arvin Khoshnood, MSc, Programme Coordinator

Shahram Mehrafrouz, Expert in History and Philosophy of Iran

Kuroush Kalhor, Political Activist

Milad Aghaei, Political Activist

Sanaz Bagheri, Caricaturist

Sia Ayrom, Activist

Omid Safari, Journalist

Roshanak Astaraki, Journalist, Political and Economic Analyst

Akhtar Ghasemi, Journalist






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