Demand Parliamentary Investigation into rigged postal votes 2019 Election.

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 The Lack of transparency in the Postal Votes leaves the Election result open to abuse. The DPA 2019 (DATA PROTECTION ACT) was breached by That Boris Johnson's begging letter, millions were inserted into postal voting packs which should be void of propagandas from any political Party contained within, instead he used our confidential personal information protected under the Data Protection Act 2019 to directly Abuse and Manipulate the postal Votes to gain favor and votes resulting directly to win seats and hence the General Election 2019. Furthermore The Conservative Party and/or their supporting network have corrupted the postal voting in the 2019 general election. In order to gain advantage and favor.We the citizens of the UK demand A full UK and EU parliamentary investigation into corruption into the 2019 Election results. To prove this corruption I would like 2 Conservative MPs' postal votes sampled first which would save time and effort in such a complexed investigation the 2 named Conservative MPs are Iain Duncan Smith and Dominic Raab. I am confident you will find the evidence of postal votes that have been rigged, corruption and fraud in both cases. Thank you for keeping real demonocracy safe for the people of the UK.